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We don't even know if they're in the middle of the parade, and we don't know if he's going back or not, like, we don't know anything about correct anything so to presume that he wouldn't wanna be. I just wouldn't presume anything about it. I really wouldn't agree with you on that, Dan. And I think that's actually refreshing that what we know about him is what we see on the court and what matters with co is is game. I actually liked that. But can we guess because if we don't guess then we're just sitting here saying, we don't know. I mean, you know, right no, I guess I did. Guess my guess is he won't go to the. The Lakers that he'll either stay in Toronto or go to the clippers now between those two my guess would be he'll go to the clippers just but again it's all on. Second hand information about people saying how badly he wants to get to southern California. I mean he's never said anything. So if I if you want me to guests do God's I'm saying, he goes, the clippers I love guesses. I'm gonna write down, my guess at a little piece of paper. Seal it up in an envelope. Put it in a mystery. You open it up, and you tell everyone what happened. Okay. Yeah. Now that's because you'll have how many envelopes speak. There's thirty teams in the league. So. You know, with thirty envelopes, you'll probably be able to get it right. To got to got says weekend observations around the corner here. Jalen rose is around the corner as well. Money. Mony Mony Mony. And when I say around the corner, because I have no idea. Idea when those things are going to actually be ready. It. Sometime in the next couple of our around Likud, Stu gods here as most of us have found out the hard way getting into debt is easy..

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