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Um and it just leads the instability sending weapons into places and now the far right has control the narrative now saying you know they just want our benefits and they're just coming for fun and the citizens of all these countries should know that their leaders are a contemporaries our colleagues are making money off all these wars because you name a country and i'll show you a box full of weapons that are being sold into the country so you know the amount of hypocrisy is is is nuts case awards one core clause climate change talk to me about that because that plays a big part in this two you'll see climate change with regard to i economic migrants climate change will actually lead to instability and war but people will fight over resources so you see that in subsaharan africa for sure and i guess you know the way things are going the problems with the climate will expand so you see that in sudan you see that in northern kenya you see that in somalia and climate change affecting local communities and then instability developing and people just saying look i have to be safe i have to get out of your and then tension one thing that you and i discusses the role that technology has played in that information maybe you're mike's not working so well so the role that technology is playing in that kind of the the spread of information sure like when people were filming it was really interesting because a lot of refugees access information on their phones so they communicate with their friends family but also with smugglers or volunteers we're trying to help him get asylum and that's how they get love information so that's great on the one hand the on the other hand there's a lot of fake news out there like we all know and love information that is not so helpful to them that they do receive and sometimes it doesn't it doesn't and so well.

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