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Offerings. Visit www dot d lt dot com backslash BMC Solutions to Learn more Jack Taylor W T o P. Traffic Right, Chuck Bells here with us this morning and Chuck the clouds moved in pretty quickly this morning. Yeah, they sure did. And there's actually a couple of rain drops out across parts of the Shenandoah Valley, northern Maryland. Right now, no rain in and around the metro area, But that's not to say we don't have a significant chance for rain and unfortunately for severe storms later on in the day to day is definitely a storage for weather Alert Day we have an enhanced risk for severe storms. The main window of opportunity there will be in that usual 4 p.m. to 7 P.m. time frame. Storms could get going a little sooner than that out towards Leesburg and last a little later than seven into southern Maryland. But beware there alert today we're probably gonna have some for some number of severe weather, watches and warnings during the middle of later part of the afternoon, steamy and then stormy. I did a 91 tomorrow mid seventies in the morning, but lower humidity will come in during the day. Tomorrow will still be plenty warm front is high 89. There's a small chance for a passing shower south of Washington tomorrow towards southern Maryland and friendly Spur. But Friday does not have a severe weather risk like today, then into the weekend high pressure from our favorite country in the world Canada comes in for the weekend. Low humidity, sunshine highs around 80 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday, and the suburbs will be in the fifties. Saturday and Sunday morning. That's the good stuff I'm storm team for a meteorologist Chuck Bell for w T O P. I love a chuck. That's great. Thank you. It's 9 22 0, and we've got 82 degrees in Bethesda this morning. That's brought to you by lend the plumber trusted Same day service seven days a week. Well, if you're hitting the road for this coming Labor Day weekend, you could expect less company than in years past. But you certainly won't be alone. So wising a surgeon family's planning last minute trips for the holiday weekend. John Townsend, with Triple A Mid Atlantic says in a normal year, 900,000 to 1 Million Washingtonians would be traveling this year with Actor number two be somewhere between 500,000 persons and perhaps as many as three quarters of a million Washingtonians who plan to travel for the holiday weekend, Townsend says. In a normal year, 91% of Travelers would go by car and that this year it'll be more like 98%. John Aeryn. W.

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