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Even aben like going from band like motley crue and doc in rats to even heavier stuff that like judas priest in iron maiden they were all different it was all exciting at the time you know hair docket reference on the radio i'm gonna making a lot of those so you say surprising immediate mystical mall that was happening at the same time that this was happening mr chairman and distinguished members of the committee thank you for allowing me to speak to you today the purpose of this presentation is to acquaint you with the type of material that is in question today the element of violence brutal erotica has exploded in rock music in an unprecedented way many items today include songs and encourage suicide violent revenge sexual violence and violence just for violence sake talking and erotica in the same interview that the clip pastor jeff links speaking at the parents music resource center or pm rc senate hearing back in eighty five looking into as he said porn rock so this was all about the marcy wanting parental advisory warning stickers on albums when did this come on your raider i think almost almost immediately watching mtv they had their news program back then and that was the big story all about censorship attacking the band's not only metal bands that were on my radar but it made a big splash because they were attacking a mainstream pop artists as well i don't know if it would have made such a huge issue quite the same impact had just been the metal acts but and also i started reading there were there were metal magazines back hip raider and cream and circus and that was the big story for for nine hundred five nineteen eighty six so your parents were faithful folks right that's right and the people of the cloth this is they rotate with the music you're listening to you know they they weren't i mean i would get periodically they would come into my room and take a look at all the you know the posters that were up and especially the shout at the devil era motley crue blood splatter sessions which were shocking i don't care who you are shocked me a little bit.

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