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It's like it's not so much that you get the thing that you want right. Like, that's not what lights up dopamine and your brain. It's like just the anticipation of you getting that thing. So it's like you smoke a cigarette. Because there is that anticipation that you're needing some kind of dopamine hit or you're gonna do. I don't know play a video game. Because there's like there's all the variable intimidation. That goes all you don't know you didn't get the thing that you want. And so you just keep doing it until you get that thing. Yeah. That's a that's correct in their head. There was kind of like really big shift in the dopamine research a few years ago where they realized this that actually it wants a habit is formed dopamine spikes before the behavior. Not after like if you show. Cocaine addicts some powders cocaine the dopamine will spike in their brain before they take not after they take it or gamblers will get a spike dopamine when they see dice not after they throw them. And so it's actually that spike of dopamine in addition to many other things, but that's like one of the key players that motivates you to take action to perform the habit. And so it's a it's a very key stage. And I would summarize it just by saying perceived value motivates you to act actual value, motivates you to repeat. So when you see the plate cookies, you perceive that there is some value there. This is going to be tasty. It'll be sugary this'll be enjoyable and what you would get you to act is not the cookie itself. Because you haven't eaten it yet. It's the image that the cookie creates in your mind, it's your expectation that intensification gets you to walk over and pick it up and eat it. And then the actual value the way that it tastes the sugar in the sweetness in the chocolate and so on if that is enjoyable satisfying. If it's. Rewarding than you have a reason to repeat it again the future. So the reward is what gets you to come back again because it's like, hey, this did have a payoff, but it's the -ticipant that gets to act in the first place..

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