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I i think i can see it both ways in terms of branca's guy let's have a ton of injuries this is our first real concussion and she there at the end of this she and then he's made a ton of money and the guys that's been varying traditions with his money saved all kinds of the salary based studies got an alert this very spended endorsement money so fortunate to be maxence where he has the power to walk away but the same time interests might have that ability to convince people only now ago gosh went daniels or turning patriots uh can convince people produce strongly day so drunk they do have to look at maybe upping its contract period probably gets one more shot at his big deal the forty hangs up here so i didn't definitely it could jewish here but i he it's not just an empty threat landscape quarterbacks moving four when it comes to new contract has contracts have really jump through the roof readiness andrew luck would is aiming seven million bucks guaranteed to jimmy garoppolo it is one thirty seven contract only played five games and now here in kirk cousin is making one hundred fifty million bucks guaranteed from the jets why is that the case for our kirklands and not yet for someone like an aaron robinson drew brees it'll be weird all the time this every year the guys up next to get the money is going to be biased paid and it's gonna keep going and go in and get him a concern for teams because that's what you have to pay to get a guy like others but you're still about 100 percent sure you're getting anybody close to a guy that's going to lift to lombardi trophy for you so that this market.

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