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Six minutes. Doug Turnbull bolstering that that'll help it is. Onto ninety five south. Glib would move to the right shoulder. But it's really damage the Doraville Tucker, they're making the right, Abby. Highway the delays on the south side perimeter. Pretty much cleared out of duty by photographs and the west. Riverdale road the thirty five western southbound that's still about a forty minute ride for Georgia four hundred sandy springs around twenty eight west freeway, Mark. Thanks, doug. So when governor camp was elected a lot of the pro casino folks were were not happy because through his track record. It seemed like governor camp less so than governor deal would be in favor of a casino in metro Atlanta or three reportedly in Georgia. But he said Horta the Atlanta Journal constitution, he signaled that he won't stand in the way of a constitutional amendment that would let voters decide whether to allow casinos in Georgia cracking the door open for the revival of a high stakes debate about legalizing gambling. Now, I know there are a lot of anti casino folks out there, and I get that. There have been some bad ones. There's been some bad experiences with casinos in other parts of the country. But in a big city like Atlanta like New Orleans, Boston just got a three point two billion dollar casino built in their city. We have the infrastructure to to make everything. Okay. Like, it will be fine. It's not like. You know to below Mississippi or, you know, Choctaw Mississippi where there's nothing else in the economy to keep it going, and everyone that's there is just sucked into the casino. Like, we're a vibrant community already. And I just again, I am so pro this. It's not even funny. Mom, very biased on this. I think it'll be a huge boon to the education to the economics of the state, and the the hope is that if a casino comes to Georgia that will help boost the hope scholarship fund, which I know if you have daughters longoria. Yeah. The hope scholarship is something you want to be around in fifteen years or twelve years when your kids or Chuck definitely wants the hope scholarship for his daughter. And I'm sure yeah. If she gets my wife's brains and not mine. I was gonna ask what would a casino do for entertainment. Like, would it have an impact on like say, the FOX or Chastain or other places that have like, comedians and music groups and stuff like that? What would it take away from places like that or just begin another avenue for them to perform it all depends on the size of the venue? So, yeah, if you've ever been to the Harrison in New Orleans. Yeah. So that is not an mega-complex. No, no. It's just a standalone building if that happened in like downtown, Atlanta, you know, they're not going to have a fifteen thousand seat, amphitheater, whatever. But I think if it's that size or bigger, you will get draws entertainment draws here. You will get more fine dining, but I think it will just boast bolster the FOX theater the tabby the tabernacle is dead. Green calls it. I just think it's like the literally the cherry on top of what the city already has. We lose. So much money to people like me, and my friends that that leave town and go out of town to gamble rep Ron Stevens. Does join us on the Mark Arum show, a Representative. How are you my friend? Doing. Well. We're still here at the capitol working over Bill. I appreciate you taking a couple of seconds out of your busy day to join us. I don't know if you heard any of the show, but I am definitely pro casino in Georgia. What are your thoughts on this? And where where does this possibility stand under the gold dome? Well, of course, we've got a horse racing. Apparent mutual betting has left the committee to the Senate rules, this particular Bill because we've got so many parts of of gaming that we just we decided to place a building the cost of creates a gaming commission in the gaming commission within dictate the licenses for all of these different venues, whether it'd be destination resorts, which is what I'm looking forward to. That's where the vast huge amounts of money isn't. That's what people are leaving our state to go do this activity somewhere else that I'm ready for these guys to come leave their buddy with us Representative Ron Steve is joins us on the Mark Arum show. I've seen you quoted as saying, let's get Georgia voters. A chance once and for all to decide whether or not they wanted is that basically the way you feel that's the bottom line, whatever we don't really the constitutional to say that gaming would be legal or old gaming would be illegal. So we've been gambling now for twenty six years this year. So it it's all about just giving the folks vote, and what are the polls that I saw came back 'cause Batty percent positive rating for those folks to just wanna vote real quick finishing up with rep Ron Stevens. What's the next step in the processor? Be heard in committee. Hopefully, it will come out of comedian Bill is way to rule somewhere along the line. It'll crossover to the Senate we hope, but the idea is to get it on the floor. Get a vote and allowed the great people of Georgia the opportunity to vote they haven't had that chance up till now Representative thank you for your time. Let's let's keep in touch. I'd love to have you on further as we continue to cover this story. I again, I'm vested in this story. Absolutely. I want this to happen. Thanks so much for your time, sir. Thank you, Mark. We're gonna come right back four zero four eight seven two zero seven fifty.

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