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Live from npr news in washington iin janine herbs and emotional cnn sutherland springs texas today as hundreds of people gathered at the first baptist church for the first worship service sent the gunman opened fire there last weekend killing twenty six after a memorial to those who died was opened in the building npr's russell lewis has more people here than lining up to walk inside the chapel to pay homage to those who who shot than those who were killed by the gunman there are white shares inside the chapel to note where each of the victims was found each of the chairs are white they have their names painted on the back of the chair and peers russell lewis reporting president trump is in the philippines the final leg of his nearly twoweek trip to asia safaris met with leaders of china japan south korea and vietnam and gave mixed signals on his position about russia interfering in the twenty ecksteen presidential election and fears amy held reports well trump expressed confidence in us intelligence agencies it also said russian president vladimir putin is sincere when he says russia didn't interfere on his way to hanoi trump suggested that the us intelligence community's assessment that russia did interfere was politically motivated trump called fired fbi director james comey and former head of the cia john brennan quote political hacks brennan appeared on cnn's state of the union and said by not confronting russian interference trump is giving putin a pass it demonstrates to mr putin the uh.

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