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In buffalo. I am the bulldog. Mike Chopin's day off also happy to let you know that there is. Pretty hard left. Turn coming here. From the standpoint of subject matter. I I, you know, there's been big news all day and station. The foam is been burned up, but we've had this show planned for a while now, and the fact that he scored last night only makes me more determined to follow through with a four hour career retrospective on Vladimir Subotica's career to this point. So at three thirty we'll be talking to his first youth hockey coach and at four how far do I want to go with this? We're not doing of lead Mercer Sabotka career retrospective. Antonio Brown, yo 'Antonio prone. I have so many thoughts that I hope are prompted to come out of me in a coherent fashion. Over the course of the next four hours. Hopefully brought on through conversation with you at eight. Oh, three oh, five fifty and one eight eight eight five fifty to five fifty it has taken most of the day until now to sort of re calibrate and repackage. My thought process given how. Utterly mind blowing. It was to wake up this morning to news that the bills had come close to or we're about to trade for Antonio Brown. Only to have it unravel before I could even get out of the bathroom. That's pretty much my morning razor anybody else had the same experience. I during the coffee on I logged on to Facebook. I ease into my social media. And I'm, you know, I'm, you know, I'm fifty three. So I check Facebook. I because I think that's for all us old. Is that what we call? Our call olds. Anyway. So I'm there and there's a couple of doctored photographs of Antonio Brown in a bills uniform. So of course, I immediately closed that in winter where I get news and went to Twitter, what is happening and Twitter is so insane now because everything's completely out of order unless every time you open the app you reset the settings and have it be timelines Pacific instead. So it's stuff from the middle of the night and stuff from sixteen seconds ago. That's basically why. And so there's there's right away. Enwrap report. Oh my God. Wow. Oh my God. And then it's Adam Schefter. And from there. I mean, it just in the course of about three and a half minutes. I went from. Oh my God. They did this to all they might not be doing this older. Not to other didn't know they didn't do this. And then I had some coffee, and then I started my day. And there's been a lot of filling in of details as the morning turn to afternoon. And here we are now at three o'clock, and it's time for our show and. So I mean, what hasn't been said yet? I mean, most of most of this has been covered. In some way, shape or form. But that should not preclude you from calling me to rap about this. Whether you were super excited about it, and are now super disappointed about the fact that Antonio Brown is in fact, not coming to the bills, whether you are pleased that the bills even considered this. It seems got pretty far down the road toward acquiring Antonio Brown or think that that's the worst idea you've ever heard. I mean, one of the things that's great about the bills being involved in this story is that everyone it seems has an opinion about Antonio Brown. So that's good for me. That's good for us. It's good for conversation. I hope and I'm I'm looking forward to it staying on the rails. I want it to be clear that I am intrigued. Mostly. I don't wanna go with happy or in any way, anything that would would even slightly allude to being satisfied by this news. But it's intriguing news in that. It does steer you away from a certain narrative that has been carried by myself this show, lots of people who cover the bills and talk about the bills, but I'll focus on me. I never thought in a million years. They'd go near Antonio Brown. So I'm interested in that. They did I think it's intriguing that they did. But I don't. I find it hard to to like Pat them on the back for it or anything. It's intriguing and it might be exciting in that. It might be an indicator might be an indicator that they are willing to go as big as you could possibly go. In order to establish a change on offense and become a potent passing team that is potentially interesting if not exciting. Because maybe now Odell Beckham junior is on the table. Or if if any other high priced veteran wide receiver guys that are maybe older than Beckham junior sales got a piece up here about AJ green and Julio Jones, we have no idea whether these teams want to trade those players, but if the bills are going to take a swing at thirty one year old Antonio Brown. Then maybe they'll swing it. Anyone else? Maybe anyone else who's interested in moving. Fantastic. Bona fide number one wide receiver will now think to call the Bill. So maybe there are more possibilities that are open. And I liked that the bills were willing to step outside of what I perceived to be. I think a lot of us perceive to be their comfort zone in pursuing Antonio Brown who committed I said many times sitting right here. The Brad's the most grievous of football sins by what I would think is Sean McDermott standards by leaving his team in the lurch in week seventeen in a must win game. I think you might find your way clear of guys who've done things that are far worse societally, but within the culture of football Antonio Brown considered a committed rather a broke he broke one of the cardinal rules. You broke a commandment. So I would have expected that that would be a nonstarter for them, and it wasn't. So that's interesting. And and maybe exciting because they may be willing to shop. They may be willing to go big game hunting. And I I like that about this. I do because they definitely need that sort of infusion of talent at the skill positions on this team. I mean, they absolutely do. I think I referred drain Tonio Brown many times this week as a cheat code. I okay, I could drafty K Metcalf at nine I could draft some other barely highly touted receiver in the second round. I can sign Terrell Williams of none of these guys are sure to impact me like someone who's already caught. You know? Hundreds of passes in the NFL. Tonio Brown has so. Cheat code can be a good idea if you can afford it both in trade capital and then in money, so what went wrong. How did how did it? Go off the rails. I think Albert breer has a piece that I tweeted a little while ago that alludes to Brown not wanting to come to buffalo, and I have no trouble at all believing that. And have no trouble at all believing that being entirely about football. And not about the fact that it snows here and at marshawn Lynch didn't like it here twelve years ago. That was. And then but breer also mentions in this piece that Brown is seeking to become the highest paid receiver in football. And that the bills weren't prepared to do that. And that's where I have maybe my first question of of the afternoon. How why would you pursue Antonio Brown in a trade if you were not prepared to make him the highest paid receiver in the league? I think it's not eve. To have thought you could acquire him and not have that attached to the acquisition. So to me, it doesn't make sense to go. As far down the road. Is it appears the bills did with the Steelers on arranging trade compensation only to balk at having to satisfy contractual demands that in my view, you would have had to know. We're coming. I think to suggest otherwise is naive. I just can't believe the bills would have thought. Yeah. We'll just trade for him. And he'll come here and has an existing contract and him, and his blond moustache will be really happy. I just can't. I just can't I can't believe you would have thought that. So that's a little weird to me. And I don't know that we'll ever get that completely fleshed out. Which is you know, where we'll end up just deciding for ourselves. I guess what probably happened did did the bills. Maybe offer him all the money did all the money not really matter because he didn't want to come here because he doesn't trust the franchise to be a playoff contender doesn't help. The quarterback is any good. The bills have a history of just grinding up receivers and sending them on their way, see Watkins Shammy. So. You know, you can you can draw your conclusions on that. I think you're left to but there are some clues. And for for me. I would just have a hard time believing. You would go far down the road towards trying to acquire this player. And now pre prepared to pay him the top salary his position in the sport. I don't have to be right about that. But I just I have a hard time believing that. So that's my first question is like why even do it? If you're not prepared to pay him as the top receiver in the league, which he has performed as over the duration of his career. I think almost without argument. That is what he has performed as. So. There's that there's one question. We can maybe spend some time with. Another might be what it what it says about the bills if Antonio Brown. Indeed did not want to come here. No matter how much money was at stake. And you know, there's not really to me a lot of shades of gray to paint in that picture. It doesn't say anything. Good about them. In at least in the view of Antonio Brown. And I think it's entirely reasonable to think that Antonio Brown looked at the bills and went like. No, no, I'm not I won't report. The trade will be voided don't bother. This is not going to happen. That's not where I want to end up. I don't want your money. I want to do this. Because of who they've been in the league. And look I say that as a bills fan my entire life. But who you are in this league is who you are until you can win and change it and the bills are a team that has been to the playoffs. Exactly one time since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and they are a team that has been perennially last or near last in every major passing statistic. Almost every one of those years. There are a couple of exceptions. But they are very rare. Like that who the bills are. So it shouldn't surprise you. And I understand if you are insulted by that because you are a rabid bills fan. I also am a rabbit bills fan, but things that are plainly obvious. Do not insult me. I think it would be ridiculous. I think I wouldn't be able to live my life. And and in sleep at night if things that were plainly obvious irrefutably, correct? Made me mad. That's who the bills are. They need to change it. I don't believe his not coming here is because of Buffalo's reputation, weather wise, nightlife wise city, life wise, I think if the bills were the Green Bay Packers there'd be a news conference in the middle of my show today. That's what I think or maybe would have had to wait for the new league year. Whenever you get the point isn't they would have done it. You had a five thousand yard a season passing game. Old snow, sometimes whatever. That's that's where that's where I'm coming from. As where I begin today's conversation with you..

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