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Don't worry about that. We're good. No problem. That's the first Yes, they get from legal so, but this is back when obviously we're talking about the bonds, Vance like pirates, right? That's what we're talking about. They were in it. They were always Oh, Jim Leland smoking heaters in between innings type. Look, you know, Okay. And then the last one for you. True or false. You and Martin Mull improvised the 2 22 21. Whatever it takes Exchange in Mr Mom, is that truthful? Totally. Martin's Lang. Totally marked malls line he goes. Well, I mean, we did I end up saying is that he goes and we're a lot tell you what they get improvised. Like moments before, not improvised. I said to the prop guy said, You know, I need something in this. I mean, You know, this guy is really insecure Right now. He's panicked, You know, I think it's something and I go. Yeah, really tools and Give me like I was looking for some tools and then either he mentioned a chainsaw or I did. And he was so great. He, like ran to the problem. Scrambler on came out and I said, Yeah, yeah, yeah, perfect. And then he handed me the goggles. So you want these? They go absolutely. Give me those. So So then we started shooting the scene and doing that and that line. You know, the setup is so I'm telling homework, Alice and I don't know what I'm doing. And he says so you're wired. You know, to 20 and then and then I I kind of. I think original idea was kind of fake. I go. Yeah, or something like that. And here, she says, You know what you should say. Say to 20 to 21. You know, I think he's either I said, whatever it takes. He did, But, yeah, he came up with that. Well, I mean, he's his, uh, He's his legendary as they come, man. I mean, Martin Mall for the Fernwood tonight. I mean, and you You've been just This has been an amazing conversation. Michael and, um I barely just scratching the surface on everything Spotlight Birdman or just incredible films that you were in the trial of the Chicago Seven. I mean, obviously. What we just talked about as well. The protege You also have worth coming on Netflix in September and then dope sick, which is I'm already making appointment viewing for that on Hulu on October 13th. I've seen some honestly, It's awfully good. It's really, really good and man. It's Going to. It's going to be eye opening. I think for a lot of people before I leave. You know what I keep asking people mentioned, and sometimes they remember, sometimes they don't. Yeah, And I know this is a Male centric show. Probably, but people don't talk about how great Terry Gar was, you know? And Mr Mom, Mr Mom, but in all that stuff, young Frank. People forget man. She was she was it You know she was she was Funny and smart, witty and quirky and charming and great looking, and there are very few people that mention her now like when they mentioned the really Funny women. So I always try to mention no question We were talking about again prior to the show. Like which one of your films from your way back in the day filmography we could ask you about And I mentioned how terrific Terry Guard was beforehand. No, no, no question about it, wasn't she? She was also I think in the conversation to which is a great, brilliant movie that people don't talk about, and also that Coppola movie she places the mom, doesn't she play the moment black beauty that Really awesome with Mickey. I'm not kidding. This gorgeous movie, but this kid in his horse, It's stunningly beautiful. Every member Young Frankenstein as you point out to my gosh. I don't know if you're aware, too, But tomorrow is the 38th anniversary of the premier of Mr Mom. Michael. That's a fact. Wow. The day before the protege Yeah, look at you. That's a tiny, that's a class at little Classic. All right. I'm going to leave it alone. Michael Keaton? No, no place the dog, man. I know that you and I share that love of animals and dogs. Rio, my wife and I We have two beautiful rescues at home. And life is good. Certainly when we get a chance to connect, um I'd love to do this again..

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