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Let's go this way for the firm bars true and it was the sexual revolution so the ladies that were already going to bars now felt like. Hey I'm in a bar and I can be more aggressive all of a sudden. It's it's the hip happening times. I'm Diane Keaton talking. Look for Mr Good Bar and have a drink and go meet a man. I'd like the lady from the seventies fresh. I have to see Mr Good bar looking searching for Mr Bar looking for Mr Gore. Has Nobody ever seen that movie Pity Clap. They don't have Diane Keaton in Canada. I think three's company reference way more Wellesley but the point is you get bad drinks and these bars sort of a dark time for the craft. Bartending the Bahama Mama. The kamikaze the slides the Harvey Wall Banger. Which apparently was so popular it had its own mascot a basically a drunken version of ziggy would just wandering around. And I guess like you would get a sticker something if you order to Harvey Waldinger. This is the level of thought. People are putting in to drink drink. You give a sticker out. That's not a place want to be in especially Ziggy with like ecstasy for I. Is that what it was pretty much? Change my mind. I think like one of those inclined coming off of them. I'll get you would for Christmas. They have money bay so this is the way things were going for a while in till this very faithful meeting between this guy named Dale the graph and in Dude who owned a restaurant and he wanted to groff the setup a bar for him and he said you know what. I don't want this usual firm Barber Crud. This is awful New York City. Like we gotta do this right yeah. Let's let's get back to basics. Tossed deal the growth of book a very important book what book the Bombay Bonds Companion. Yes from eighteen sixty two. Everything came full circle. Yeah Dale the crop was like this is amazing. We can Bring craftsmanship back into bartending. And let's use real ingredients. Let's get rid of these stupid swirly mixing machines and these bags of chemical fruit flavored things unless you real fruit because there is such a thing as real fruit and we should put it in. Drake's again like do in the Nineteenth Century. And that's what they did and the bar was saved so when you go to like the cascade groom or the diamond. I don't know if you guys have been the boulevard. I know it's like pretty new but we finally do go and you enjoy cocktail there. We did our research and I hope that was dead on because I really put us out there but if you go to a place where there's a decent cocktail in somebody's really putting thought into it. You can thank this deal dubroff guy for bringing it all back but really you should think Jerry Thomas to tell you the truth now. Do you understand what. He's my hero. See Luxury Thomas. Let's talk a little more about them right. So like at the bars is there involving and bartenders or evolving going from diamond studded to you know just normal. Cocktails are evolving to like early on basically. Everybody made their own booze and they headed in a jug with three XS on it and they just turned it up at their cocktail. It's how they drained the good old days. Yeah like Chuck. Yeah turn the three x job and then when when Jerry. Thomas came on the scenes like we can do better than there's some cool ingredients that I want to kind of mess. With in create new stuff's originally there were punches. Which is huge bowl of hot booze that everybody drank from the Bombo that the planner swilled right right. Then there was a toddy which apparently from what I can gather. It's just like it's single serving Hot Punch right. And then there were swings and slings. Were the ones that had the most promise. Those became what we understand now as cocktails. They are basically booze a little bit of water little bit sugar. And then maybe some fruit juice in Jerry. Thomas Looks at the sling and he goes. I can do something with this. And he creates what's called the borough cage cocktails whether it's just like great experimentation going on nobody knows what the Hell anybody else is doing. But everybody's trying new stuff and all of these the foundation for what we know now as. Cocteau came out of there. Yeah and the first cocktail was mentioned in print the word in eighteen three in Amherst New Hampshire a slogan. It's excellent for the head because it was a morning drink it was. You were supposed to drink a cocktail. That's where it comes from. The rooster cocktail is where the word comes from. And if you drank too much the night before you get up in the morning make your little fizzy cocktail drink with bidders and it was It's like the hair of the dog that some of US knowing love you drink your cocktail get punched in the face by your wife. Pick up your accent. Go back out there and work another day. That's what they used to do. Jerry Thomas said you know what I love morning cocktail as much as anybody else. Why can't we keep drinking throughout the day? Let me see if I can with this. Say Alcoholism for the morning right so through this baroque era of drink making the it was very very nuanced like you would have like a sour sour was just boost citrus and a little bit of sweetener usually maybe curious hour or something like that and then you would change that dramatically by adding soda and then all of a sudden you had a phys- or if you wanted to use booze a little bit of gravity. I think yeah or was it. Curious how sweetener and brandy or something you'd have a daisy and then in Mexico. They added to kill it to the daisy and in Spanish. Daisy is Margarita. Margarita came from around this Margaret fans out there Jerry. Thomas is very influential. But he was If you ever pick up a copy of the bombing companion and try and read this thing it. It doesn't translate that crater. Today's proportions like what is it like three gloves and a pinch of that and while I guess but well no I still don't understand I mean yeah it makes sense. But what if you're a lot more than one point so it took like cocktail historians To to kind of read saying in bring it into the modern era because back then sugar came in low in sugar wasn't like refined like it is today. I was Big The oh shit away exactly how you wanted to and so it's a cocktail historians to really kind of translate all that stuff right and they did. And along the way Jerry Thomas dies but he creates great body of work that's added to over time and then eventually we come to like the streamlined classic cocktails that we have today like the Martini. Or the Manhattan and all of this was from the work of these wonderful genius people who are fighting on the front lines against the temperance movement making better for every Euro Heroes Real heroes shirking out of like the civil war and all that stuff. Just doing God's work basically the Martini. We're talking about some of these classic cocktails Martini Anyone here drinks Martinis. It's always Martini. Things Martini the guy with the PBR. And thanks for Martinez ran these back in my helmet and drake them so the Martini. If you've ever had a Martini it's very dependent on the individual on. How exactly you like it? Everyone says that they like make perfect Martini. But the ratio for removed to Jen and none of the perfect multi agency. Everything's how do you make it okay? I used to to three ounces okay. He's three feet three Scotia over three three ounces of gin in half announcing vermouth okay. Stir it some crushed ice sure because it gets colder faster better. Strain it sometimes. If you want to get a little crazy and you wanna go original Martinez actually supposed to have orange fitters in a couple of deaths of orange bidders yet you say what and it seems weird but you don't taste the orange. Does something different to it and then a couple of olives allergies are drink. Lend Jerry do you do you really drink. You're starting I like it. It's salty. Is that wrong? No that's the thing chuck. That's the key there is new. Enjoy it there's no wrong. Absolutely.

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