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Three goals I'm Christiane WTP sports it's twelve forty six what is the greatest gift you can give the world the gift of hope trees for the future has a sustainable solution to hunger poverty and bettering the planet through trees for the future is regenerative agricultural method the forest garden approach they teach impoverished farmers in developing countries how to plant themselves out of poverty by creating thriving ecosystems made up of over sixty species of trees and over thirty varieties of fruits and vegetables farmers can Max mice crop yields to provide consistent income and nutrition for their families in the last thirty years tens of millions of trees have been planted and thousands of farmers have successfully revitalize their degraded land when you give you give hope for planet and it's people find out how to plant seeds of hope this season at trees dot org slash radio that's trees dot org slash radio a tree can change a life over the years you've brought them into your home you were prescribed opioids after the C. section and after dad's back injury the help when you were in pain thank you held on to them just in case the teacher no holding on to unused opioids put your family at risk trouble with a view which can start at home with unused medicines such as mills pageants you can remove the risk and protect your family find out how at W. W. W. dot FTA dot gov slash drug disposal it's twelve forty eight traffic and weather on the aids and.

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