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And i'll explain that in a minute but the first thing is you definitely have to have a mindset for grow in what can give you the biggest biggest return so when i say mindset for growth. I'm not talking about sales goals things like that. I'm talking about what is your mindset for growth with your people your team so think about it this way. Think about financial investments. Think about a bank savings account probably pays the lowest yield out of almost anything you can do so that is like i'm just keeping my money. It's safe right. It is not very volatile. So you may be thinking with your team while i'm gonna invest like that to where it's safe and i'll keep most of them by not really investing just a little but not spending too much time with it or you think about things like stocks where you pick the right stock. You can get a lottery turn. But there's a lot of gambling going on with that it would. It comes to individual stocks or even just some some stuff like bitcoin. Some things that are huge huge discussions about bitcoin crypto currency. And they're real and they work in all of those things but they're still very incredibly volatile in Is almost like investing in a flavor of the month. You think about all. We're going to have a company cookout or do this or do that. Try and keep the teen motivated. It kinda comes and goes or would you really think about is mutual funds where you are spreading out investments in several different buckets. Give you a return and that is a lot more like leadership. That is a lot more like okay. I'm going to invest with the team. I'm going to invest in individuals and even with that you're going to break that down into what those individuals need like. You think about situational leadership in the things. Ken blanchard is taught us of giving people what they need. Based on where they're at think more about mutual fund type investing where you can invest in different parts of teams portfolio to help them grow. Another thing you can do is actually ask for feedback. This is the leader asking for feedback asking for. How's the team doing. How do they feel about whether going. Are they clear on what they should be doing. Speaking understand what your team goes through. That's where you really learn with your feedback and probing questions. What are they actually going through. One thing you can do if you really wanna dig deep is anonymous surveys and come up with some really creative questions about how they view their job. View their value. Are they valued in really dig a little deeper into how. Your team really looks at erie leadership or at your company. You're at their environment. Another thing to really key it on is how do you meet. What kind of meetings you have. What is the purpose of your meetings. People have meetings just to have meetings and makes no sense if it doesn't really drive forward. The strategy mission envision the daily behaviors decisions of. Does it give people information. They need the they understand. They were still winning..

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