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Some of the Baltimore business owners whose property was damaged are now getting paid It's coming 7 years after the death of Freddie gray a black man injured while in police custody After hundreds of businesses were damaged in the 2015 riots about 70 business owners sued the city and now years later they're getting some money The Baltimore sun reports that the city's board of estimates has approved a three and a half $1 million settlement that will go to those business owners who claim that city leaders failed to prevent the unrest despite warnings that there would likely be violence buildings were set on fire and windows were smashed in the riots that broke out after Freddie gray died from injuries he suffered while in Baltimore police custody The three and a half million is half of the damages that the plaintiff's originally sought in their lawsuit Nick Ayn LAW TLP news D.C. council member Kenyan mcduffie will be filing an appeal today of a ruling by the D.C. board of elections that disqualified him from running for attorney general The three member board decided that mcduffie was ineligible to appear on the democratic primary ballot because he has not been actively engaged as an attorney as the qualifications require The board made that ruling following a challenge from mcduffie's fellow candidate Bruce viva What students are taught in the classroom has certainly become a hot topic And now another part of the area is looking to make some changes which include a focus on anti racism We live in a time now where there's an effort to recenter our history And it's controversial to some That's D.C. state superintendent of education Christina grant speaking to the D.C. state board of education about revising social studies standards And so as our nation and communities grapple with historic inequities it's important that we have standards that students will learn that are honest inclusive and represent the diverse backgrounds in our society In Maryland there's also been a push to a man's social studies curricula to include more teaching about those who have been marginalized John Aaron WTO P news Stick around coming up here or check of sports for you It's ten 30 The NBA playoffs had a nice assist from vandal sportsbook This is Dave Johnson You know FanDuel sportsbook is an official partner of the NBA So throughout the playoffs all customers can place a no sweat same game parlay each week Yeah you see you'll get up to $20 in free bets if you don't win So no sweat And yeah that's the nicest is from vandal sports bar And vandal has so many ways to play not sure how to get started Why not check out the popular parley section on FanDuel sportsbook to get going Hey new to FanDuel just download the FanDuel sportsbook app and sign up with a bromo code Dave Johnson Remember that promo code Dave Johnson If you already have an account you're all set to bet So.

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