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Just down from the Matthews office building as a matter of fact, and whether it's a ranch China North Korea Venezuela, Russia, Afghanistan, Bill Zimper, let's get an update and span the globe about American foreign policy. Yeah. And it seems like every day we get new developments on just about every frontally the developments this morning number one coming out of China where China has announced how they are going to retaliate to tariffs that have been raised on Chinese imports in this country. They say that they will increase tariffs from ten to twenty five percent on sixty billion dollars worth of US imports into China. So this is their initial reaction to the increase in tariffs here in the United States. Now it remains to be seen whether President Trump will throw even more chips into. Pot here by announcing as possible that we may raise tariffs on all Chinese imports coming into this country. So that remains to be seen. But in the meantime, the markets really reacting. The Dow struggles were at one point down more than six hundred points this morning. So we're seeing the effects of that already. Also secretary of state Pompeo just keeping track of him is a tough job these days. He was supposed to go to Moscow today canceled that stop instead went to Brussels to meet with European Union officials about Iran and the escalating situation there, but it may be a tough audience there since even before he arrived, the EU said that they want to maintain the Iran nuclear deal. They want to strengthen the Iran nuclear deal and urged everyone who is still a signatory to observe all of the provisions of the deal. So and they also urged they say they urge others meaning the United. States to reduce the esscalation in the Persian Gulf area. So that meeting may not go as wet at thought. And then he's going to go on to Russia to meet with their foreign minister, and maybe even bladder Amir Putin tomorrow. So not only are there a lot of different areas where we have things going on seems.

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