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I think so joe i feel like some actors get through some at listen some actors go through their careers and get something happens that you don't like them he didn't like this movie you're that navy or you know they stuck their nose out on some political issue and you don't agree with them so they don't kind of make it through their entire careers like just loved i think danny glover so lovable surely by handy anyway i mentioned him because he he is now officially stepping into a role believe it or not with airbnb as an adviser because airbnb as he probably now if you listen to this show has had some issues with diversity and with a discrimination right because whenever you have a system where the the airbnb so i just apply form said the people that are renting their homes are just regular old folk and the people that are renting a regular old folk and people are making decisions based on photographs they're seeing online and said there is some they've been accused and number show that there has been quite a bit of discrimination people not wanting other races to stay in their home not whining lgbtq community people saying in their homes vice versa so it's they've had some issues nam quite figured out how to manage this so dan i got it was like you know what i'm unhappy guys malkiat so he slept and he's on the board of advisors now and taken it very seriously and really trying to help them liam navigate these complicated waters akyea yeah i think this school yeah because i mean he has he really had any big movie roles i don't i don't i mean he's ten been under the radar a little bit so yeah and i see him getting involved in something like listen i wonder sometimes when you see actor sometimes i remember when i was younger i used to see like that i we used to wonder what happened to an actor they used to really lab i hadn't they've been in any movies lately and i would think something went wrong in their career but if you think about it sometimes.

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