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Like that's always the big one street fighter is still there and heavily represented and then you get Miami area the Games I love like soul calibre tech and I loved the Namco fighters. but I agree like to me. People don't I mean get excited about street streetfighter anymore. Mortal Kombat. Lot People love that new the new ones and. Good on them. Yeah. No. They had some time in the middle there where like mortal Kombat four beyond where it was like, what are you guys doing? And now they're back. Yeah. It this. this the stocky series touches on the origins of of these fighting games than I. One thing I didn't realize. I probably knew it in the back of my back of my brain but. Never. Really thought about was that You know the the makers of mortal. Kombat originally wanted Jean Claude, Van Damme to be there. Oh my gosh. Yeah. They they wanted they wanted I wanted that they wanted van to be their their. Their. Face of one the. Right and so we wouldn't like they literally wanted John Claude van Damme to play himself in mortal combat because the blood sport and that would have blown my mind cause I love John Claude van Damme. Era, who did I loved him and you're telling me I get a video game. Was, John, Claude van Damme where I can control him right Oh God I can control him doing doing the the the the the patented junk, Claude, Van Damme, split, and into the Crotch Punch. It listen, and so you know, and so the you know the makers of more combat they they approached Janklow antion like, Hey, we want you to be the face of our game in all this and John Claude. Van Damme politely declines and so and so they're like, they're like, oh wait a minute. Now we gotta go back to the drawing board. So we'll just make a character that kind of looks like Jean Claude Van Damme he has young van Damme's moves, but he's not gene restart right? He's not Jean Claude van Damme and I think that was probably. You know one of the biggest. Nine commitments in video game history where. You have a character that resembles a movie star, but isn't the movie star but has all the same character traits. And we're talking about Johnny Cage here in. In the mortal combat, you know. Batting Order of characters and. You know. It's just one of those things where it's one of those. Nuances that never really. Comes up but you're like, wow, you know I really see the parallels in now knowing the back story. When they were making the movie, it was like they need to give vandamme to play cage not doing this right you know as like he's the only guy it's random basically, right That that was that was that blew my mind that they act had actually approached Van Damme in wanted him to play the character. and. Then he declined was like. Well, okay. We'll. Just we'll make cares anyway, right It'll be van Damme, but he'll name his name is Johnny Cage. Now if if anybody listening doesn't know who Sean Claude Van Damme is need to educate yourself.

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