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I think the form of awesome. Just a pure price thing. I just think that prices are to use a colloquial phrase a little bit out of whack here. Well, I agree. I mean, I have to tee you up by asking you is just a case of going back to work, because there's been so much about the her majesty's gonna have a winner. Sorry, your majesty. Look, everybody wants to win. And Sheik Muhammad did give you a horse for the Derby back in the day, only for a certain Miguel Barcelona and cool more to come along and pour more even to celebrate before the winning line. How dare he wasn't executed. But it should be in the towel. He's send him to the tower. Into the tower. Put his head on a spike for all disease as a warning. To anyone who did. But Ottoman fleet is an interesting selection. I wanted to hear who you were going to go for 7 to one with cookie. Let's go. Last race, Andy. Last race of the Thursday. The ladies day. A simple, simple race free it kick into 6 to one is the field here with collegiate so 6 to one is market leader Monte sib. Let's go with the pronunciation for the aforementioned William haggerston Tom marquand. It's 8 O one, Charlie hills and dark shift. William Buick and Charlie are to be teaming up again with silent film. It's one of these last two and William hagers again with busal, real simple contests to round off the coverage. This one, isn't it? I mean, we've had, I mean, this race is being brought back, isn't it? Yes..

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