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703 Wednesday morning, the eighth of July sunny and 76 degrees now for going up to the low nineties again today. Good morning. I'm Bruce Allen. The top local stories we're following this hour. Montgomery County is looking at ways to reform its police department last night, community members weighed in on a bill that has support from the county Council they use. The force bill would require the police chief to write a new policy around the use of force with certain requirements. Officers wouldn't be allowed to hit suspects who are already re straight. They'd also be required to step in if they saw another officer using force. Caroline Ponder spoke on behalf of the local Bellevue and ask that the bill also being all choke holds and no knock warrants on checked. Police power is not an effective means to keeping the public safe on. Landesman, a community member, says the bill doesn't do enough to limit conflicts from happening in the first place. You have to look at the problem more broadly and more comprehensible and will now go to the Public Safety Committee for consideration tomorrow. Melissa how GOP News Montgomery County Council's also considering a plan to add a civilian assistant police chief, Montgomery County's police chief Marcus Jones, testified in favor of the bill that would create the position of a civilian assistant police chief chief of police will be expected to enhance community policing through their leadership focused on improving the trust between the community and the police Department as well as focused upon evidence based policing practices, Jones testified in a month. Murray County Council hearing. Leigh Holland, with the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, 35 said the police union supported creating the position as long as the person had experience and training in criminal justice. Kate Ryan. W T. O P News in D. C. The City Council passed an emergency police reform bill last night. It replaces a bill the council approved just last month, but that the mayor had concerns about the bill preserved the inclusion of a standard for the use of deadly force. But we're going to consider the standard for non deadly force in the permanent version of the bill, which will hold a hearing on move later. Council member Charles Allen, currently those charged with assault on a police officer, had the right to a jury trial. But the bill calls for that right to also be extend. Two people charged with simple assault involving a law enforcement officer. Council member David Grosso introduced an amendment calling on D C police to stop using cell site simulator technology that he fears maybe being used to track protesters in the city. But the amendment was defeated. Michelle Bash w T O P News he'll be paying a little more for gas in D. C. That easy council raised the gas tax by 10 cents a gallon and got rid of some tax breaks for businesses, hoping it would help dig the city out of its pandemic related financial slide. But lawmakers did not pass in income tax increase for the wealthy. Counsel did raise another $63 million by increasing taxes on businesses with the money going to social services, including housing vouchers, assistance to undocumented immigrants and mental health help in schools. Attacks increases go against advice for Mayor Bowser, who argued it's foolhardy to raise taxes this year, given the uncertainty of the economy. Council's unanimous approval of the budget for the fiscal year that starts October 1st came on the first of two votes this month. During the second night of DCs George Floyd protests More than five weeks ago, a man was arrested and accused of trying to burn down a police station. Now he's been indicted the same day President Trump was rushed to an underground bunker as protesters climbed over barriers near the White House. A man named Jared Pace allegedly made a statement of his own. The federal complaint says the 39 year old encouraged his social media followers to burn down the fourth District Police station on Georgia Avenue and Brightwood. It was early. Police say Pace showed up at 6 a.m. with a gas field laundry detergent container and set it on fire. But the container exploded and only burned to the sidewalk. Pace was immediately arrested. He's now charged with three federal arson and explosive offenses. Hillary Howard w T o P. News coming up the University of Maryland's plan for in person classes, 707 Today's innovation and government report highlights the government's modernization opportunities. Dennis Riley, the vice president of Errol at Gillman says Getting to a new type of cyber security environment is a combination of tools, people and data. So it's federal agencies embark on their journey to implement a zero trust architecture. ER, They need visibility into all their data transiting the network, and that could be there on premises in the.

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