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And we know that there was a scene that was filmed for this movie that figures featured some sort of representation of that Juncker characters parley getting kicked out and it's out there somewhere. Maybe we'll see extended edition the awesome a deleted scene extend addition or something like that I mean they do. It is the same. It's the same Harley so it's the same joker from suicide squad. They were going to use his footage from suicide squad but they decided against actually putting him in the film You do see a version of the joker from behind and it has the same style. Same hair slicked back and everything But it's just really quick. Some people are even speculating that the animation at the beginning because the animation of parley and the joker are more classic Comic Book. They're like oh they're already doing away with jared leto joker by making this this comic Book Accurate. Looking Joker in this animation. While it's like there was not that. Co Margot Robbie never portrayed that comic book accurate Harley Quinn except for that one shot that mirrored the Alex Ross Tuxedo joker and Harley Quinn. Like that's it so you know. Margot Robbie personified that version of Harley Quinn either so like it was a stylized animation just to you know just to give you the lowdown on her character Really fast from literally conception to the time she became Harley Quinn her to once you talked about this earlier like she's telling the story she's narrating all of this so it's almost kind of like we're looking inside of her head like she sees it as a cartoon animation..

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