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Joe Walsh, Shannon, Wednesday. Thank you for listening. I. I say it a bunch. It's one of my favorite things to say because Johnny Carson was one of my favorite performers. I I grew up, and I can remember sitting at my mom and dad's feet. When I got to stay up late watching the tonight show with Johnny Carson. I love Johnny Carson America. Mrs somebody like Johnny Carson. I didn't know Johnny Carson's politics. You didn't know Johnny Carson's politics. Johnny. Carson just wanted to make people laugh he didn't pound people over the head with his politics. Late night comedians today suck Jay Leno, by the way. Spoke to all of this morning on NBC. He was interviewed on the today show. Jay Leno was a lot like Johnny Carson. We miss Jay Leno as well. Jay Leno just wanted to make people laugh. Jay Leno made fun of everybody. Jay Leno talked today. This morning about late night comedy in America today, and what's wrong with it? How it's all about politics. And it's all about these people like. Jimmy Kimmel just shoving their politics down our throat. Hey, Josh, Kimmy Leno number one. You know, everything now. People don't like your politics. The everyone has to your politics when I I kind of use Janis model people couldn't figure out where Yuna Republican democrat bunnies. And I would get hate mail from both sides equally. Fabulous. When people see your one-sided, it just makes it tough. Did you hear what Jay Leno said? There this morning. I use Janis model he used Johnny Carson's model. Nobody knew what Jay leno's politics were. He got hate mail from people on the left. He got hate mail from people on the right? And he thought that was great. And there's Leno today saying these late night comics. These days. Everybody knows what their politics is. They're all on one side, and they all make fun of attack half of this country Leno made fun of Clinton Bush everybody. Gimme Leno number two. You know, I did it when you know Clinton was horny and Bush was dominoes. Louise, mary. Now, it's all very serious everything. Just so. So now, I just liked you civility immaculate. You know, how how? Familiar does that sound everything so nasty today? I'd love that line. I made fun of Clinton because Clinton was always horny. I made fun of Bush because Bush was always stupid funny. He makes fun of both sides. You don't get any of that today. What I love about. This is this is Carson spoke when Johnny was still alive. He spoke to a little bit of this Leno Leno took over this tradition from Johnny Carson. It was easier back in his day. Now, it's the same thing. Every single night, these comics everybody knows who they are there on the left. They make fun of conservatives. They make fun of Republicans. It's just it's the same every night. Gimme Leno number four. Swing back. The other way. You know, the theory weeded the.

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