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8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM. Dr John Baloney. Ramsey personality is my co host today. Here on the air Open phones, a triple 882552 to 5, Cliff and Ryan are with us in Cleveland, Ohio. Hey, guys, How are you? Good day. How are you? Very cool. She almost screen your debt free. Congratulations. Thank you Love it. How much have you paid off? $71,135 Lovett. How long did this take? Forget? That's right. Get the 52 cents in there came out the corner of the couch, right? So how long did this take? Just under two years. Right right around 23 possible, Okay, very good and your range of income during that time. 1 13 to 1 17. Okay, What do you do for a living? We both work in television broadcast production. Actually, I work in professional sports and Cliff works in television. Okay, local affiliate there. Yeah, okay. Yeah. Very cool. What kind of debt was the 71,000? Well, it was a range we had cards and cards and card. Uh, four credit card store credit cards. Uh, Credit Union credit card. Uh, both of our school loans. On then, uh, vehicle vehicle loan and then a home improvement loan. What was the big one lucky student loans? I think they were the biggest love their die. Ganic. Okay. Oh, pesky, shall we may have to go long You guys been married? The Valley. How long you guys been married? We've been married Just over 11 years we've been together about 17. So what happened two years ago? This that you guys on fire? What's the story to this journey? So ah, Lot of my family had been mentioning your name at various holidays and I always brushed you off. And, you know, I thought we were good with our money. We had good debt. You know, Like everybody says you're you have you should have good debt and then Forward a couple months and my best friend Whitney came over and she pulls out these white envelopes. And I was like, what are those? You know, we're just trying to pay for some pizza, and she's like, obviously my cash envelope some following this Dave Ramsey plan and I'm like, Wait a minute. My family talks about this guy like, who is he? You know, and then I brushed it off again and fast forward to July of 2018, and I just couldn't get you out of my head, Dave. And so I googled you and you happen to be running a Christmas in July. Special and Lucky for me..

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