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As you can get in for a Morsel number two. He said. The number six fine years when it Mike Gillan joins me, Coach. Congratulations on the win. Thank Bob We don't make anything with easy win, right? Well, why should you no more? You know what? They're good. They're real. They're good. You're good. This is a This is a kind of ball game. You like to play and you know, you kind of figure it's going to be a one possession ballgame. Well, really, You know, I got so much respect for their program there change that state finals followed years and they're well coached that they do things right. So to get a win against a program like that, really, really good for us. You know, we gave him too long kickoff returns and interception for a touchdown. And we've got like we had a butt away, and it just kept coming back at us. Runningback. Reckon Green had 140 yards 22 carries great job. I am my quarterback do for about 150, so we really balanced I made some big plays through the air, and then we've got a couple first downs. To put the game away late, which which was good, So it was it was. It was a tough ballgame, but my coaching staff did a great job. You know, one of the keys in his game was getting out in front. Were you able to get up early and or stay head, so to speak? It's an important way to play in a game like this. Yeah, We went right down the field and scored. We were up to touch down most of the way, but it would just come back and make plain right. It's always like a six or an eight point game. We never could really relax. So credit goes to him for that. But Goodwin for our program. We got amounts back and playing really improved Martinsville team next week. Well, they're playing well, obviously, Obviously, you guys know about one another. Sometimes That's good. Sometimes it's not. But I mean, the way you're playing, Mike, you got to be thrilled of what this group has accomplished to this point. You know, there's been so much adversity for everybody right? I would situation for kids endure that and survive. It's been awesome. Luckily, we work in a school that Really helps us out with that. So you can look forward to it, You know, moving forward way left to go so hopefully we'll be ready to go 100% healthy, Bob, you know this year? Yeah, this time of year. That's a big key, so we're 100% healthy and that's going to be that good. More sales number two and four. A. They beat number six E central tonight 36 28 taking on Martin's over the sectional 23 championship next Friday. Mike Gillan. Always great to talk to you, Mike. Be careful. You see? Congratulations. Take care. Alright, Bob, you thank you. Keep names joins me from West Washington West Washington number five in single way tonight they continue their winning ways. They shut out to come see 45 nothing. Keith Nance with me, Coach. Congratulations on the win tonight. Thanks, Coach. The wind was great, but more importantly, it was a special night We had the Indiana donors network down for the game. And we celebrated the decision of our former coach coach Phil about when to be an organ donor and the impact that he had a lasting impact that he had through that choice. As you're aware, Indiana Donor network is sponsor of my show. And could not be more proud of being a part of this and doing what we do. And you know, Keith with what you're doing with, and it was fun for them to be there, and we need to make sure people are aware. Of the mission that they're on and always keep Coach bows man and his family and all of those kids in our thoughts because it's an important thing. Now, tell me, I mean your kids. They're just playing this one of those great nights where offense defense. Everything you did was wonderful. Yeah, The team played exceptionally well, You know the county. They're kind of banged up and they had some kids out, Unfortunately for them, but to their credit, they came out and played the football game, so they've gotta be proud of themselves for that. Hold involvement. High dentist did his usual thing You know, he threw for a couple of touchdowns were in for a couple more. Parker Green senior receiver had a lot on D B had a great game had a pick. Had a touchdown receiving and overall, you know, there was a great team win. Our young guys came in the second half. They preserved the shutout for us. That's important. So you shot after those young guys get in there and blind around. Getting it done. Well, Finances the football coach at West Washington tonight. They shut out to come see 45. Nothing they'll take on Perry Central next week for the sectional, 48 shaving ship. Thank you so much for the call means an awful lot my best to everyone in the West Washington community and thank you again. Congratulations to you and your kids. Thanks. Coach. Also liketo congratulate our county rivals say online, the coach Thompson. You know, coach batsman alumni there and he made a coach Thompson. So you know they're playing in a sexual chairmanship themselves next week, and then he would be super proud of.

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