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You were doing it as you're heavy fine i mean i wanted. I was thinking i was doing. Yeah i was thinking. I was doing for real but i wasn't i you know we. We just don't have the basic education and we don't have the means to even go research and study and take it serious. Because i don't know whatever reasons people have life things going on people wear jobs. They got kids they got. They got that they don't have some of those basic principles. You're wasting your time and everybody else's time too. Because that's why i said i don't like being cast moody. We got the studio. Yeah we got the student on the north now and the north. Yeah yeah oh yes. I'm not i. I made it clear that i'm not recording anybody. Because i don't want record anybody. Because i i will. Engineer our recording engineer. Somebody who's serious about their craft. Like who i believe in but other than that. I'm not working with anybody. Because i don't believe in nobody like i believe myself at this point. I'm i'm i'm strongly confident and what i got going on right now to the point where i got the budget i got. I got the marketing plans. I got the i got. I got everything out. You know i needed. So it's like you know. I ain't too much you know. I'm not really trying to buy time. You know like you could be like a. I give you two hundred or song and i don't want i'm straight. I'm not besides the ted park one. Yes so i sent to ted park one. I sent the. I'll i sent the song with with t rail. Yeah so let's play the t t rouse. I'm so tell me about the song who made me. Yeah so the producer offering somebody that i purchased a beat but i forgot the producer's name. Yeah yeah but the i got the purchaser to beat all that don't got that long But the song It's just a song about like you know making it out. You know what. I'm saying like whatever situation you in like me personally. I was in like a dark place. And it's just like dude like a lotta systematic things and stuff like that and it's just how things are designed like. I was i wasn't i wasn't supposed to be like the person i wasn't supposed to be thinking thinking right now. You know and doing things that i do right now. You know so. I don't know it's a song about making it out. And it's feature t rail natalie's artists Decide with dirty and tee shot out the t rowe and we all we got. Do you saw the t rail man and Yeah he just dropped goes onto from all three to because motari pass our people three. Yeah he are. Yvonne divides twenty definitely. So yeah this is all in a rio sooner video. Ot can't shut out the camera. God's we go crazy with the joint so fun stuff. Thanks that is that is the movement.

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