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The threes and other toasty day, out there but not nearly as bad as yesterday dean devore has the four day WBZ AccuWeather we're taking a break from, the extreme heat. For the next couple of days still pretty warm and humid though in, fact there's still is a heated miser area south of the city that will keep the sun the. Longest, today temperatures in the city will get up to about eighty seven or so then clouds will build a shower. Thunderstorm this afternoon popping up in a. Few places. Into the evening then cooler less humid tonight breezy down in the sixties breezy cooled tomorrow with clouds and a few sunny peaks the high seventy three a break, or two of sunshine still on the cool side on Saturday the high seventy five but it warms back Cup to end the Labor Day weekend, Sunday and Monday back in the eighties in fact almost ninety on Labor Day itself shower thunderstorm chances grow in, the afternoons each day I'm AccuWeather meteorologist dean, devore on WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty eighty five in. Boston but it, feels like, eighty nine WBZ news time ten twenty five on the ring central, Newsline here is something you should know. Exposure to toxic substances seems to be a leading cause of cancer but why do some people get it and others don't. When they're exposed to the same. Level of, toxins there's a wide range of vulnerability some people like my grandfather who lived ninety seven. Are pretty tough, cancer expert Deborah Davis author of the book the secret war on cancer could drink whisky you could chew tobacco he worked, around industrial equipment his whole life and he was. A pretty, hardy guy there, are others who are going, to be exquisitely sensitive and a very small amount of something over a long, period of time is going to increase their vulnerability and unfortunately we don't, have a way to, tell whether you're tough Like my grandfather or week. Like other, people so we all have to, do what, we can to reduce our exposure to. Toxins starting around the house and read labels and if the label has a, skull and crossbones on it or a long list of things you can't pronounce then. Find out if something safer that you can. Use for cleaning in your home baking soda works just about as, well as most cleansers vinegar and water? Clean a lot of things anywhere the home and when your food, shopping there are some foods that. You need to buy organic like berries and peaches and apples but there are. Others where, you don't need to. Do that at all onions avocado mango banana. Pineapple things with shells. And skin that you would, never eat and, generally farmers are moving toward less reliance. On toxic pesticides and that's a good thing at somethingyoushouldknow dot net I'm Mike Carruthers in that something you should know WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty I'm Pat I'm from. Harlem New, York I started smoking cigarettes when I was about seventeen Eighteen when I was in. The military defects on my daily life was smoking were slept on the. Couch for. About five six years because. Of the smell lost a few girlfriends behind it Lot of money lots of money I was trying to. Find an alternative to smoking I think one, a take magazines wrote article on it I ordered one up and that was the first time I got the. Jewel I gave it a. Chance I was sent founded a.

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