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Talking today and how much tennis we talking today. looks like my mentor fifty more games I'm good. so I missed one game fox like you said yourself boss it's only one week. yeah it's only one week but you need to pay attention to that one week. it's only one week if you do something exceptional it's only one week to do something really really badly it's only one week. unless you're say the Miami Dolphins and it's not just one week when you got muting on your hands already guys wanting out. back to the phones. go to Boise J. W. J. W. how are you I am doing great Romario good great. I could not agree more with your last how to take that was solid I also want to talk today about a little bit more about the dumpster fire danced all known better at San Antonio brown as you reported you know eighty called me aka the cracker another possible slayings any argument and I just wanna let the script here a little bit let's say may I call the BT and work where would mac be today I'd say mac BR the NFL fraught most likely never to return he probably had a difficult time ever getting a job yet a B. gets a new job in just a few hours with the gutter Pat that's on believable to me where is the consistency Goodell a racial slurs a racial slur it should not matter who said it aber huge problem with that I had very little respect to get on the NFL before this inability to look the other way it's it's unbelievable I'm gonna room here's my prediction NFL do nothing to punish AB AB will finish the year with below average stats and most likely on injured reserve finally the blow up look at the likes of Titus young. Goodell where's your spine consistency in punishment Hey a B. Caddell Pat be more of a rock star less of a D. bag I'm out right you Debbie thank you. it's very clear about something. cracker. is not a good word. cracker however is not the equivalent of an N. bomb it just isn't and I know some you wanna make that argument and you've been trying to make that argument it's not one and the same. I find hard to believe that I even have to make that statement cracker is not the same you can't flip that on its head and say yeah well what about that that's the equivalent of this no it's not it just isn't me say something else your point is Hey Roger Goodell what are you gonna do about it a better question what did the raiders do about it you for so horrible. why was that guy going to play tonight. yeah that was such a horrible thing and I'm I don't condone it in any way at all but if that was sold horrible if that's as horrible as you make it sound then why did Jon Gruden let it slide. if that was so horrible why did the patriots signed this guy. that's not a good L. thing that was a lie you can hold get held accountable for Jon Gruden. saw a player call his general manager that and had no issue with it didn't suspend them and was going to play him no my bigger issue is not they called him a cracker again not a good thing obviously but my bigger issue was he was trying to fight the GM it had to be held back by his teammate. that's the bigger issue here. print terms that word you know horrible that word is didn't seem to bother Jon Gruden get it. may I didn't like it. one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six but it's not the same that's not the equivalent of an N. bomb it's it's just not the same thing it isn't that's not my take either it's not opinion it just isn't the same thing it's bad but it's not that bad. and again the raiders in seem to care today they were gonna overlook that whole thing given overlook everything Gruden thought it was awesome then Tony brown taped conversation with him on the phone didn't tell him and in mock dimming clowned him and pushed it out over social when asked about that grins at all that's awesome. tough guy Jon Gruden won a place with a hammer and a iron fist many let Antonio brown do whatever the hell he wanted. and then he got himself run. that work to. and not just your fan for a minute it you were not to be the same without two pro bowlers but don't tell me that you were expecting to lose by thirty in prime time to an alleged rival you know you're gonna be that bad you can't tell me you saw that coming. I don't buy that invites fans were you your one week one going up against a rookie quarterback in a rookie head coach and dominating that game and you come from head to tie. the line's fans here. one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six the third I was gonna set up like this we'll talk more about the patriots Tom Curren is on the inside he's an NBC sports patriots insider can we get a starts about Antonio brown and whether or not he thinks that's going to work with on Antonio brown he's going to fit in. that's coming up next hour top of our number three I've got. actors linebacker Blake Martinez also a wild story involving Mike Scott. office seventy six Scott makes the mistake of showing up to an eagles game wearing red skin gear. you think that somebody who lived in Philly would know better you think that a professional athlete in Philly would know better he seem to care he's a redskin fan any six or player in Philly fending give a damn about that we shop in their house we're in the wrong colors you have to do with them and their hands. and that's what happened. you can't get hooked like that but he did. so he was trying allegedly to fight multiple eagle fans. so I get there also. and I'm gonna make my first run to New York during the NFL season I've got enough on CBS it coming up on Sunday which I'm looking forward to as well right so that's how it all set up you have your phone number you have your email address you know where to find me on Twitter I'm still looking for a good eighty P. on a Monday ask the pros you got to send out to the right address and the best question gets read on the air. and no I'm not jump on the bandwagon with brown's yet either one game one week. a really bad game really bad week. but go ahead jump off we don't need you there. Blake Martinez joins me when we come back two hours down third hour straight ahead of you in the jungle I'm Jim Rome don't go anywhere..

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