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Too folks, ten generally connected to show business this week, no big stars or anything. But Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft passed away this week. The as is rather sudden yeah, it wants sudden, but it wasn't because he did suffer from cancer prior to this most recent belt that he lost in nineteen eighty three. He had to leave Microsoft that he co founded with Bill Gates because he was battling non-hodgkin's lymphoma heated. Then this time it came back and he did not beat the cancer. Also Boehner when he passed away, his net worth was twenty six point one billion dollars. So who's going to pay for the funeral. There's a gofundme page and I'd like to. Look it up. Here's the thing though, for those people who covet money who wanted want to be rich, it doesn't matter if the end of the day he had twenty six billion dollars couldn't buy him another day on this planet crazy. He was not only genius. Of course. He quit Washington state university seventy dropped out of college to start Microsoft with his pal. Bill Gates, let that be a lesson to any kids in the audience by the way, drop out of college. It's fucking useless. That was like, oh shit, I'm in college. I don't know what to do. He was also a man of many passions. He loved music. He loved Jimmy Hendrix. He played guitar. I got to see him play guitar ones. Paul Allen hall in a weird weird night with Dave Grohl and Jeff Probst. I might have been doing acid. I don't know. No, Dave Grohl was having a fundraiser charity fundraiser, and he was on stage and he was inviting friends to come up and play with him and people. One after another got up on stage Jeff, Probst got up and sang Rolling Stone song. And the next thing we know there's some guy got up on stage and start playing Jimi Hendrix leak Qatar. We're like, who's the countinent who's playing guitar? Who is that guy? And it was Paul Allen, and he was awesome was was play well played really well. Yeah, but it was also a huge nerd geek. He was one of us. He's already EMP the well, I, it was the experience music project that became the what is now chair. Moepo. Yeah, which just had that marvel exhibit recently was fantastic exhibit? Yeah, and he was also has up there in Seattle, the science fiction museum. It's one of the largest collections of science fiction memorabilia in the world. It's in the same place. I believe he's got shatner's chair from Star Trek. He's got the robot from lost in space. He's got the t eight. Hundred Terminator got Darth Vader's helmet Star Trek phasers, Sean Young's costume from blade runner. And this was impressive. I thought the only death star model made for the original Star Wars film, a new hope while that was his. And now he's dead. Yeah. But what a titan who've shaped in reshape the century. We came out of in the one we live in now. Really him and his pal Bill Gates. It seems criminally young too, especially for all that money sixty day man, God. He was a great guy and then there was gonna win, huge bucket, a win. Then there was this guy Dennis Hof. You may know him as the pimp from the bunny ranch. You never watched a cat house on HBO. There was TV series called cat house on HBO. That was a documentary about Dennis Hoppy owned five or six legal brothels in Nevada, and it was a story of him. And now he ran his brothels. He passed away at the age of seventy two. This week. He was also running for Nevada State assembly as a Republican on the ticket, and although he is dead now, the ballots have already been printed and they are predicting he will win the seat. Even in death even in death? Yes. What happens? I guess they have a runoff or or they weekend at Bernie's them. He owned a bunch of brothels. He was a legal pimp, and he was found naked in his bed with a sex toy..

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