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Junior and making sure that Yeah ben sorry you were after you were after greg on our end greg. Congratulations man. ten dollars. Google play credit coming at ya greg. Greg smith junior excellent. well congratulations. so i'm going to need to hear from a couple of people and you hear from matt. Kwan bershad gaddis. Seth merit christian battiste and greg smith junior winners feel free to email me and we will get your google play credit out to you shortly. My is in the chat. A lot of people have already won so feel free to You know hit me up email to get your money money. Money new centurylink eighteenth century. Only do riding centurylink thing to my house because they're using eighteenth century tools. Maybe probably my my my issue is that you need you know. I want to have in my office. Obviously except i don't have a phone jack in my office and they aren't running phone lines because of covid even though covid isn't even a thing anymore like what is that like just the excuse now Cova protocol. Sorry can't do anything like dude what they told me that way. Please don't take. Tim's advice on all that covert is still thing. I don't even think you have to wear a mask or low. I'm vaccinated so for me. Not a thing okay. The thing yeah like. I should be able to. We need to work on these. These interactions where we can just confirm vaccination and then people can do stuff they used to do. Because yes that is a thing cove is still a thing but what you're saying is entering this new world where a bunch of people are vaccinated and do stuff by being improving that anyway. Yes so they won't run but you should have been like. Hey we're all vaccinated. Let's run some lines runs mine. It shouldn't be that difficult. Yeah so i'm all for obviously not cova truth or thank you very much I'm from the west coast. I'm very much a lib. Lib dard and yeah so get vaccinated wear masks. Don't wear masks. And as long as you're backdated apparently doesn't matter anymore still weird like in my town in my little town. My lumberjack town. They haven't been wearing masks for a while. But so it's a little weird kind of walking around and seeing people you know going to walmart and all that and there's no mass but it's like you know things are getting a little little different now and that's cool. You know one day. I want us to get back to normal right. So but what is normal man. Just give accented people. It's not that difficult. What's a little five g among friends. You know come on. There's even a chip shortage. I don't know what people is that. Why the chip shortage because it also ended the vaccines. Yes all chips. So that's why we can't have police asians. Because i get it. Now that's crazy. Tamara says we're back to regular germs diseases. Wwl so this is the thing. I don't want to do too much kovic talk. Your people can do whatever they want. Unfortunately but that is the point where it's like really crappy is we're all going to get cold again like the flu comeback. Like my kid hasn't been sick with a cold. And i haven't been from him going to school and all my white like we haven't had a cold and flu in over a year and it's been lovely and then this fall when all the kids go back full-time because in portland they only went Everyone's just going to get sick again. And we're all gonna sniffly and naples yeah brandon. I'm not quite off. i'm. We're not gonna go like i know there's people that have their opinions on the stuff totaling unfold for. Fortunately i try not to say too much. I'm trying you know. I don't want to tell everyone how to live their life but yeah vaccinated ivax vaccine. Kellen is very much. Yeah i mean killing wanted to be first in line so he made sure he was banks innovated and i probably would've been. I probably would've done the trials. Yeah totally on sale enough. I would do a trial just because like seems a little sketch but we believe in science guy so well yeah but like sacrifice comes at the price of science sometimes true. I wasn't willing to sacrifice my own life. Like just not love. Bill gates i. I've never really. I've never been a huge bill gates now never and now it sounds like he's really bad guy doesn't it. Isn't that like the story. I mean was going to divorce and look people don't have to be can get divorced and that's not because there are bad guy. His came out. He's like the stories about bill. Just don't stop at this point. Poor bill not poor. Bill he just seems like a you know whatever. I don't know where the show's going now but anyways at detained everyone. Everyone's doing good. I hope we can do this. Specifically this a lot more here in the coming future. Hopefully very soon yes hopefully. There's lots of new fun stuff coming up and then we'll do this lots samsung's coming up soon like a month should be fun. Yeah we've got samsung. We've got more android twelve stuff going to be happening. I'm day not gonna show about prime day. That's next week. Prime day i'll we should do just like a whole a livestream on.

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