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Attempts to minimize what happens anyone who denies the truth of what happened they ought to be ashamed of themselves and history is watching and history will judge them Representative Cheney on NBC's today's show The Dow has closed down 170 points to end the day at 36,236 the NASDAQ was down 19 at 15,080 the S&P closed down slightly This is NPR news From W ABE E News in Atlanta good afternoon I'm Jim berns It's four 32 The embattled district attorney in paulding county has pleaded guilty to one count of Georgia attorney general Chris Carr announced the plea today dick Donovan has been suspended since February of last year when he was arrested on four charges including bribery Donovan's legal problems began three years ago after he was accused of sexual harassment by a member of the DA's office and as part of the plea agreement Donovan will have to resign surrender his law license and serve 12 months probation He's been the DA in paulding since 2010 Fulton county commissioners are being asked to consider a $3 million investment in a Grammy museum near Centennial Olympic park The museum would celebrate Georgia's music industry and offer educational programs and recording facilities The county and state have already spent $250,000 each on a feasibility study conducted by the nonprofit group that Georgia music accord The group claimed the museum could generate more than $11 million in tax revenue for the county over a decade the funding could soon be voted on as part of the annual budget Well a year after the insurrection at the U.S. capitol House speaker David ralston says it was a quote very dark day in our history As a pro Trump mob stormed Congress in Washington on that day ralston says he joined the governor Andrew lieutenant governor publicly condemning what was happening But one year later some Republicans in Georgia have attempted to rewrite the story of what happened that day and continue to tout false claims about widespread election fraud And frankly I'm disappointed at some in my party who can accept the fact that that was completely despicable criminal behavior Ralston speaking there he says he thinks investigations into January 6th should proceed But when they conclude he says it will be time for the country to move on And coming up in ten minutes a conversation with.

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