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And frank man when you have a username like that. It's hard to read that comment allow because no one's had harder times than an frank. Who are you and Franken? You say your real name and Frank Dan so somebody put Dan's username in there. It's not an frank so it's not what is username. Forget Dan Something. No it is. Dan Is Savvy enough to have some fences and some youtube crispier. We're still on the ones the in and outs of the the The Mail service here so like I haven't gotten any of those packages out I. We haven't gone to the thing because they were like well. You can't buzz the button for the Po box slimy you doing he sent some baron and I'm We did assigned giveaway for for for the best review in We're still one in one out of the post office here but it's we live in a tiny town and it's just like all right. Hopefully that will clear up soon. I would imagine there on first phase right. Yeah he's supposed office on there so hopefully on. May Eighth when we are state is shut down until may eighth. So hopefully they'll be like all right great and come into the post office and right shifts Right now it's crazy. A lot to be were saying Anne. Frank is the hero. We don't deserve but need goddamn right. Cameron why Dan is using the express. Vpn You think so to hide azan frankness all asking. We're doing another interview today. So he'll be in the studio and our Jason Proud of you today four meltdown. It was great and Capture composure like a true champion. Thanks pissed off half the community. But who cares no? There's a lot of people on here that like I moved here a year ago. I have not had good foods a first year. You guys of like the first year of it is the most depressing and then you just sort of get used to it. You know what's weird whenever you move to a new town? I think whenever you moved to new. Senator say you try to convince yourself when you go to these places like this isn't bad and when you go home and actually think about the meal you've had you're like fuck man? I'm just lying myself. Yeah Gorgeous. City love Lymington. The beaches are gorgeous. Love partying here fun fucking party town. Food is gosh not up to par not up to par here in this town shit and with that. We're going to leave you on that comments for the weekend. We will be back at noon on Monday. We'll be with you Monday through Friday every day through the quarantine Hashtag. We're all in this together. And so fucking lame. We're not we're not we're not. We're definitely not for Jessie Wiseman Aka the I'm Roz. Patterson this is the Revolution. Good afternoon everyone is..

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