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If you're not getting turnovers in your their punters both penetrates deep all the time and you have to go seventy eighty ninety yards all the time. That's hard that's hard. You know you have the short field and you know less than fifty yards unless fifty forty thirty twenty yards. Whatever at that makes all the difference in the world and you know like i said calling a game and entire field calling. Ah making every play. Count is very difficult. A lot of lot of moving parts there and everything has to be an sake because most defensive coordinator time they'll say you go the length of the field where to keep everything in front. You're gonna make a mistake. One of these times going likes the field that most defensive coordinator is believed. And i believe it to and especially in college football. It's just hard to do. And so Short field turnovers as huge for coordinator. Kinda openers yourself up allows you to take take a couple of chances to As well you know you kind of get off script a little bit. Go to your exotic script. Go to your take a chance to play and say we got you know ahead right now and our defense play. Well let's take a chance here so it creates a little different thinking process that as opposed to trying to okay. We got an authentically key. Move down the field because our defense is in trouble or not you know they're not getting the turnovers etcetera so does change your thinking So this game coming up on saturday. It's the biggest game it just in terms of ranks since a game you're familiar with The nineteen eighty five game against michigan number one versus number two. This'll be number three versus number four. It's a good time to pick your brain about those things. But i want to ask you about this college game day Decided not to come. Bob stoops is going to be in town. So you know. And he's going to enjoy the heck out of saying go hawks on democrats of for about three hours and reggie bush met liner. Brady quinn app to listen to. Abs serenaded all day. But you think curse kind of happy that the espn Crazy train isn't coming to town. Just because of the distractions that haven't both shows there would have created. He's not a big distraction guy. He's always been that way. I think he's probably deep down. Happy that espn game days. Not there That's a good point time. Just because that's what. Add to monumental distraction for his football team. You know hayden hayden was different. Hayden embraced it. You know he liked. He liked all that stuff. And and you know. He's trying to sell his program at the same time. I mean he's trying to get iowa on the map so hayden had a different. You know different marketing aspect to it than kirk. Does you know. I was already on the map so it's just a different deal. But that's not kirks makeup. Either he likes to lay low and sneak up on you kind of kind of deal. And so yeah i think i think you know i think if you if you cut kirk opened his bobby stan. I'm glad. espn game. Day is not here because it would be mayhem is going to be big week enough..

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