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They start spouting oldschool Star Trek phrases it must be DragonCon weekend in Atlanta add that to a bunch of other events for the holiday and we'll start with triple team traffic here is don't turn we just moved there and what that let go dark chocolate cake all day tomorrow the black gay pride event the ticket or both all the brave ripped out all week and oil boy it could be a lot like an actor like I just thought I'd stop it still falls for the eighty five or other birds all the way down to about one sixty six remember a lot of people going to the airport as well we just all by the blood of the W. B. kicking up seventy five eighty five north highway one fifty they take the two forty three that kept the Cleveland Avenue think about that for a University Avenue the good the double the double the federal court that all week and issues that are my product it'll have updates throughout the world court and gravel double have forty deck but first I killed Judy finding coverage begins on the north and east side printer we still feel that with the brake lights to be five east and south down the interlude from T. for highway not breaking free till Cummington highway south side printer brake lights waves of volume two eighty five west bound for financials getting go over to I eighty five and it's a brake light battle to eighty five north down on the west side printer from key can't creek parkway all the way up to I seventy five in Cobb county I really Ballack's William still whole house twenty five west and southbound after that morning around to the west three wait don't delays in half the cab county twenty five eastern on northbound from six six seventy five at the Glenwood road travel team traffic ninety five point five WC latest update from the national hurricane center an hour ago a calls door in an extremely dangerous category three storm winds of a hundred fifty miles an hour in like the to strengthen.

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