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Probably expendable. But i do like him at that position as third linebacker on the field he just provides more value closer to the box than the deeper third field. So what do you think of the linebacking group. I think that the speed there is going to be impressive. And i think that the forty niners value flexibility and sort of. I don't wanna say position. Louis football but i think that with marcel harris on the field. It's going to give people pause a little bit because you know. He used to be safety so he has some coverage skills some coverage skills so i feel like they like that to be able to kind of throw that in there and trip people up a little bit some different things. I think it's gonna let D'amico ryan's be a little more aggressive in spots. But i i like the forty niners linebackers and again. I think the speed there. It's what's going to impress people. And i think it's it complements the front very well. The forty niners are cornering the market on undersized linebacker safety converts right fred warner coming out of byu was undersized linebacker who might have been safety like fifteen years ago now. One of the best covers linebackers in the league. dmitri's flanagan. Foles was a former college safety now. He's converted to a linebacker. Marshall harris to the forty niners looking for quicker. Twitchy your linebackers who could cover. Because that's what you have to do in the nfl. These days cover smaller shifty running backs and bigger tight ends but also be able to play against the run so there you know it's just the evolution of the position and it seems like the forty niners have a really solid group And on that note about the linebacking group. Our prayers go out to linebackers coach. Johnny holland before anderson out. Eighteen statement that Coach collins will be stepping away from the team To deal with some personal Medical issues so our prayers go out to him and his family Moving onto the next position The defensive backfield with the corners of the forty niners have six of them on the active roster. Jason manual moseley the baddest looking cornerback duo with two and four I think when they step on the gonna look pretty freaking awesome an amri thomasson and damodar lenoir and then devante harris and k. williams rounds out the group. I do think they're pretty thin at this position. It's been a position of concern from day one but the boss to build a perfect roster. And you know there's holes at different spots and this was where i think there's a pretty significant in-depth if something was to happen to jason gret or amend moseley. We've seen that with mostly. He's been he's mistime already this off season with various things and obviously the third round pick ameri. Thomas has not look good at all so the forty niners second round. Pick aaron banks and third on pick angry. Thomas from this past season just have not shown much during preseason which should be concerning because they were both drafted in hopes that they could be depth positions this year. Hopefully you know take over a starters but they have not shown that yet. Damadola lenoir the or lenore. I guess the day three pick. He's looked really good at outside corner. They tried him at nickel corner against the raiders. Didn't look as good or didn't look as comfortable. I should say so. You know he would be the backup outside corner. If either ver at or mostly were to go down. And i would trust him in those spots. He's he's looked really really good at outside corner. Devante hairs was a surprise but the forty niners wanted some veteran depths as insulation and they went ahead and chose demonte harris over dante johnson. A lot of jokes on forty niners twitter about that that there was some miscommunication about which dante keep Between caution hannah. John lynch but harris does have experienced the nfl on. I think he's he did particularly to play well in those joint practices against the chargers what i had heard. So that probably solidified his roster spot quarterbacks. You were concerned as i was going through that. What is your concern. Well like you said number. One i think just the overall skill level is not where it is at some of the other positions like. Yeah jason brett could be really good but his injury. History is really really scary and manual. Moseley is not bad by any stretch. But he's also not great and when my number two corner is just okay like an average guy that means the overall talent level at my at that particular unit is not that great kayla williams is a is a good slot corner. I want to give him his due. But i just think that like you said it perfectly. You can't build the perfect roster here. And i think the forty niners are counting on the other strengths of their defense to make up for that like they you have to compensate in some way right so that's like all right. Our corners are not that great. Well we're gonna have safeties that. Don't you know that can help pick up the slack essentially and we're going to have a front seven that are just absolute monster so hopefully the stress on those guys is going to be lower than it will be on any other part of the defense hundred percent and it was kind of the two thousand nineteen formula right obviously had sherman at that time but the position opposite. Richard sherman was always shaky between amanda moseley. Callo witherspoon was always flopping. But it didn't matter. Because nick bosa de ford and eric armstead and forced buckner rushing the passer. So you're corners really didn't have to cover for very long because those guys generated a ton of pressure and i do think d'amico ryan's in that sense will be more versatile this season in generating pressure. There were a lot of different looks. He showed it against the raiders. There's one specific guy remember where they had seven up. Against the line of scrimmage and very rarely see robert solid bring that much that many guys in pressure even last season when their pass. Rushes wasn't very good but me go rhino seven and played you know I think the raiders had three receivers when they played man with. I think fonda was kind playing centerfield safety so a lot of different. Looks from dominica ryan's this season which will be fun to watch. But i do think you're right that the pass rush safeties linebacking group will have to account for the deficit a little bit in this area and is rounding out the fifty three man roster at safety quasi tar jimmy ward talanoa vonda the fifth..

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