Broadcom, Qualcomm, Intel discussed on Monocle 24: The Briefing


Now i guess some people would standardly say with the sort of cynical reading this look you know donald trump's key concern here would be about what the headline is what the takeaway is and this is a a it's gesture politics it's about you know committing to america first and keeping businesses thriving within us borders and so forth is there a concern from watches of this space like yourself that those kinds of more explicitly political considerations could cloud what might actually be an expedient decision from tech innovation orrin d viewpoint not that must be a worry presumably absolutely because clearly broadcom if it owned qualcomm would be it would become the world the third largest chip maker in the world that's very big deal in fact intel who don't really make trips for mobile fans in the probably regret the fact that they didn't take apples suggestion they made the i venture that it was going to sell that well not a great strategic that's right intel we're looking at buying broadcom so in fact if this merger had gone ahead maybe broadcom slash qualcomm would have become american again very quickly but obviously that's not going to happen right now and i just wonder in terms of what this could impact going forward sickly as the consequences of our day or where we're getting innovations of discussion about which companies which private concerns would be driving the next generation of maybe telecoms networks for example can you join the dots mean is it possible to say well you know developments in other no five g may be slower than they would have been if they're still doesn't go ahead or will someone else take the lead could it be an american concern rather than someone else as a consequence or is it not quite as joined up as that almost is obviously with telephone networks through two elements is the masts and as the chips in the phones and if your accompany.

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