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Who had really did bounce back to some something closer to his best at the john deere classic last time out when he finished eleventh we know how good camera champ can potentially bait. He still gray tate. He still gets the ball a mile out. Ernie bryson hits evidence 'em when in-form he's an absolute birdie michigan. He won the sanderson farms at twenty one on the on the scifi at seventeen kind of taken a chance here that he's really still inform author. John deba he still got that degree in game. He just needs to pop. He's partied abysmally. This season book the john deere classic he ranked yet be was posted on. The field. Destroyed gang putting. I think if you turns up in the same vein. He's got a big chunks and there's a big old say at a loss. When is brandon. Hagan was sick for the rocket mortgage eighteen for the john. Deere classic driving well putting superbly. He was runner up on on enough of war tonight and track of the honda classic. Which mike would hope someone in two thousand fifteen mike. Thompson's twenty twenty three win a bit of course correlation that to go okay. I'm very quickly with the market ladies. Johnson you've got fee now who as in read as opposed to the big four. Aren't we if you will to be tempted by those who come full. I think jay probably too short enough financial news thousand winning and if they win it might welcome in a major. Patrick read mr cot last week and this doesn't seem like you the tests. I think he wants to debate heartedness. Okay jolly good old on there. Let's go to wales now. Kelsey manor hosts see kazoo open and matt wallace issue favorite. Here he's nine. Suwon is san hose filled twelve justin harding his sixteens. Aaron roy sixteens pecans twenties. And it's twenty two to one the jordan's jordan smith and matthew jordan also. Today's twenty two and it's thirty dollars so we're back to bread and butter. European pretty stalls fair will know celtic manor overseas Back to back events last year. Didn't it after the restart No great secrets. Joe again water this. It's pretty well known lawyer isn't it. How many selections have go in this off of this five more for this far away with mind selection. So bad. This week is matthew jordan. Just mentioned Struggled a bit the start the year but he's performed immense credit and tougher events than this in recent weeks seventeenth for the ban w strong drivers track. We're looking at strong drivers this week at celtic manor that at that wide fairways but if you can get the boat down the fairway or at a big big advantage on this cool off to seventeen for the bam w was in twelve cartwright but in eighteen from the squad stripe. Matthew jordan is one of the best drivers on the european toy needs to improve his accuracy. A bit come good. In recent weeks he ranked fourteen. Strikes gained off the the ban. W was second in ireland and the nrp of that should go. Well here and the main thing of matthew jordan back. This week is that he played in. This event. lost should mention a cool sev- to events as to celtic manor loss j. the wiles oaken the celtic classic. He finished forty seven the celtic classic on his celtic debut and then he wrapped up a week. Light turn finished third behind. Remind line gas in the the Open say matra jordan. Ah very good this week. I think he's He likes this. 'cause just put the fan back on because he was will joe. Lucky you weren't in sweet spot. Live mainstay was stuck in those four hours. Thirty four minutes outrageous. You can't even ended after ten minutes. She asked has no stemming anyway was only tich win is that all accounts matthew. Jordan's your headline act to your gun for danger. So one is enough jordan jordan sniffer around twenty five to one another a strong drive finished twenty second and twenty seven into spins a celtic manor lost year which thinks enough in something that you can definitely improve on the showing signs of getting back to his best. Recently at british smallest is he was the seventeenth and then he went up to a himalayan and finish seventy s Federov or in the made him on then. Eleven for the european pedal strong arrive at that. Got him into the very up at torrey pines and he missed the on the number which is absolutely no disgrace tonight. You've never played tori before you guys are not nearly makes the caught in the us at. It's the gain in scotland Up extractable well from grain. Just didn't pop weather enough. I think that you know this is a different type of tests jones faith abdoun. Smith should really to really adapt well to it's not linked to test result. Cost one way can go low and you can use licensed driving to getting contention. Okay so go. Jordan smith as the big dangerous matthew jordan and three others who. You're gonna go phone. The next wall has been well back to the last days is a south african slugger. And that's donovan. Tonga is is is strokes. Gained off off the numbers. This season on the european tour quite incredible. Actually he at least the european torres straits gained off the tape by lung. Whitehall around than anyone else on the european toll which is quite an amazing statistic for a guy who didn't even have a year pinhole cod four months ago. He obviously was a prolific sunshine tour winner claiming he claimed the via savannah classic in kenya in march and and the interesting Classic is that's cool sweat. Sam horsfield played really well. Who won the celtic classic. I think he was eighth and second in kenya in roman line gas was fifth there as well. And i don't know if best fits but that's kind of nice correlation for you. That often vans holiday. Were really well open week for the first two rounds got a bit from over the weekend. This isn't the things. go right. Challenge this week and see why he's been well back to reading as thirty three to one and finally your other two selections job site. The next one is battling a consistent document. He's made it his lost nine. Some europeans whole enough a good driver finished in the top twenty five and four of his lost five events. Seventeen last time out where he writes in strokes gained off the tate. Pine thomas pages and matthew jordan eleventh in the celtic classic lost. Yes i think he can. Big swan is. I'm happy to challenge this man of trouble. Figaro it's not being right form but it's callum shink quinn another long long off. The tate guy won the cyprus open from pretty much out of the blue lost year. that's pretty well. Expect from callan champion. He'll pop up somewhere and it may be this week. Play both events in wales lost year. Eleven the sixty nine Before missing the top a Has to improve. He has to better. But obviously docs this tracking could spot back into life for about one hundred. Twenty five to one okay. This is a bit of a what she'll betsy right she. Because i was just looking at the price. Say not to put my glasses on. Because i thought. I saw one hundred sixty two. That's actually call match shoving if you packing column shink..

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