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How you get a hold of spread Naji? Good morning everyone. So glad you're here. I want to know if there's a more rabid fan base. And I mean that in a nice way rabbit of intense committed passionate fanbase, then there is for this for this BTS k pop group. No, there's not I don't think that there is because I was kidding around last night. Totally man you want it all those tweets you wanted them. All. Yes. You did Brady followed up trying to tag onto me. So I was kidding. All the time radio afternoon guy was trying to detach himself to to. I was kidding. Okay. I did not even know that the BT BT as they were going to be at the Grammys. I didn't even know. I didn't. I was just kidding. Because we joke around here all the time about how we hear from a lot of these regional fan groups national worldwide fan groups, it will campaign to get songs on the radio from artists that you may not have heard of before. Now BT is obviously worldwide sensation k pop nothing new. I get all of that. But these guys will tweet if you if you go to the BT BTS army on Twitter, you're in the entertainment industry, and they and they find out about it. Then they will tweet you large quantity. What I did not anticipate was over thirty thousand likes on a single tweet. Ten thousand retweets on a single tweet four thousand comments on one tweet one from your boy, Richard Marx's, like, thanks. Fitting me because I said the tweet and by the way, this is not even adding two or three tweets because then I started really messing with it. And it's that I don't respect them or think that BTS is. I just I had no idea. What I said was I've seen a lot of insane insane fan bases. Bands one direction. Shawn Mendez, even Richard Marx. I was a kid if Richard Marx totally random, but these BTS people. Or on another level. I salute your passion that is twenty four thousand likes ten thousand. I mean, nothing I've ever done remotely close lies my phone blowing. What is going on? DMZ like, dude, why did you do that? Like, what are you doing? The white hope every single one of them buys, right? You're waiting for you. I hope at least half of these people whose Richard Marx follow him by the song. And then, you know, take like a month for those tweets today down for him and sort through like the regular real fans, I'm tempted to delete the tweet because again, I was kidding. And now literally might timeline just it just rolls. It's just like it just rolling. And I thought it would die down and people would stop doing it. Have you ever gotten twenty four thousand likes anything xactly? I I had no idea. No clue whatsoever. I promise not a big fan. Now, I because because I want all of them to listen to us. It's called fake love. Oh, yeah. I know that one. Yeah. I gotta play part of you guys deserve it. You know people where's the song? Search.

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