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'em i love doing what i do i love the fact the book is doing so well and finishing up my second book oh tell us a second book is is upper skipped a book it's it's i love that yeah and how you could achieve the same results while you could you know whatever make money like v healthy find god whenever i'm just putting all my little secrets in there all the books i've read all the recipes all the things that i did it'll all be inside the second book in the second book the working title right now is remembering tillis i'll probably self published that one as well because every time one of those i make seven bucks now yeah yeah you should definitely self publish yeah so hit about the industry but it's pretty brutal what i what i know he heard that yeah so proudly self published that working on a documentary right now so i'm i'm more like moving off in the direction of like juanita reaches many people as possible because i have a very finite amount of time left on this planet i'll be fifty in october and time moves very quickly i don't even remember last summer how fast did last summer go by i know right even like deer already like like last summer flew by so fast and i after logically unrealistically look at myself in the mirror and say how many summers do you have left i don't mean in a wheelchair or i don't mean like on a sofa and i'm not able to move but how many more summers drive left i could do podcast date right and wrong reckon jumper i could do yoga and whatever like i hope it's twenty more which one i at least i listen i have no idea what i hope yeah but because i have such a short amount of time left i wanna i wanna used my talents to the best of my ability to help as many people as i can 'em before exa this planet i wanna leave it a little bit better often when i found it in you know when i pulled in today i cringe because i know i do every day the feeling ohio ohio and a rochester i can't remember the name but that was the first patient out we went no i know i know the now patient and it was a do department and i remember shady doctor and you would pay like you know six hundred bucks and they would just illegally prescribe you volume's like it in whatever and legos at hours go in there and being fake clean and sober by taking a bunch of drugs and they would make us go do this miserable meeting in a park and one day i looked up when i'm sitting at this meeting it wasn't a twelve step meetings which is a meeting that this guy like made up so he could justify well illegally dispensing drugs to you and i looked up in the street was a god nominate forget the chicken story 'em it wasn't missouri but it looked like misery as any other street which donor stoner misery pitches right around the corner of her hair is right now out of the lapd tackling the west valley police department an to go from that authentic state where i was.

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