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Gorka. This is 8 60 AM the answer. The antidote to fake news America first. All right, here we are, and we have an hour and six minutes left on this beautiful show America first, while I'm sitting in for the one the only my clothes of battle for 1600 on avid cigar smoker Sebastian Gorka, and it's great to be with you on board substance strategic advisor for Coalitions on Trump, 2020 former senior advisor and Trump, 2016 communications director for the Trump Pence Inaugural and assistant comes director at the White House. Let's go to the phone lines. We have only a few minutes, but I want to talk to my good friend Stephen, California. Steve. What's out more? How are you still good to be with you, My man. Good job. By the way, Thanks. I appreciate that. It's kind of you wanted a little lighthearted comment regarding Would you trust Joe fighting to try to train except Rosetta? And when you said the one about would you trust your fighting to serve your ice cream I flashed back to. It's a wonderful life on Mr Gower in the back room and Jimmy Stewart runs it is No joke. He didn't just mixed communists and social of fascism. Bitches! Do you take God out of it? Oh, my God. Mr Gar. What do you do it, But that's your vision. Joe Biden back there doing Well, Let me ask this question. So I'm glad you're here. And I'm glad I'm glad you brought up something right out. But really, there is a serious issue underneath. Would you My good friend Stephen, California would you want Joe Biden. Forget being a librarian. Or would you want him running your small town? Which one of us a principle for your kids Middle school? Have you in and out of, you know a lot of people. I'm sure you've got friends. Do you know anybody who would want a guy like Joe Biden running their kids? Middle school running their small town? Yeah, I got a guy run with everyone's day. And he just grant. I've got trumped arranged syndrome. He probably probably just send his kids to that school. But I wonder if I know I'm a Christian and I think of all the things that Jews had to go through, and I think I can. I can handle an hour of this, but trying to cover it up trying to get him over the dark from the dark side, But I appreciate what you're doing. I appreciate what everybody's doing all our supporters big. Thanks to you. It's so important. For all of you to talk to your friends. Don't be afraid. Why? I know that the woke liberal media wants to come down on everybody. Even your woke friends by want to scream at you on Facebook or in person, but Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for your rights stand up for what America really is, which is the land of opportunity and the land ofthe strength. If your supporter of President Trump's Say it loud and say it proud. Talk about it. Talk about why you support the president. Talk about national security. Talk about the great economy. Talk about the rocket ship rebound the we're experiencing in this country. If we went through a plague, the country was shut down and we are almost back where we were before that which is having the greatest economy. In the history. President.

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