Political Analyst, Dr Ezekiel Emanuel, Washington Bureau Chief discussed on Fox News Sunday


Senior political analyst brit hume dr ezekiel emanuel one of the architects of obama care and author of the new book prescription for the future julie pace washington bureau chief for the associated press and the head of the heritage action for america michael need and we'll julie how badly does the white house officials in the white house thank all the revelations this week about the don jr meeting how badly has a damaged their effort to just kind of sideline this whole thing as fake news well in terms of sidelining the says a lot of damage and when you talked to white house officials after the first couple of revelations about this meeting there was a change you could tell it they knew that this is more serious they knew that this was gonna be harder to talk their way out of for a couple of reasons one we're talking about the president sign two we're talking about about actual emails that say in black and white that they were told this was part of the russian government effort to help trump and three the presence and then release those emails himself thought was an anonymous source said something that they quit hit on the intelligence agencies and say that this was coming from disgruntled intelligence officer as i do think though that the overall strategy from the white house as he softened the president's layer is going to be to fight back to try to say that even though you see these emails even though you know this happened there was nothing there and to continue to deny that there is any there's any reason for any of these committees and the muller investigation to continue i get i have an understanding that that there really is a lot of disarray inside the white house that the legal teams particularly the legal team for don jr and the legal team for jared are at cross purposes as to how to handle this that nobody in the white house feels that they can coordinate because if they do and talk to the outside of lawyers are going to end up being called to testify before where the committee and and i also understand that there is growing concern about the kind of dual role of jared and of lanka are they top officials are they family are they.

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