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You just kind of touched on a right seventy three points over the past three weeks, forty five and a half of it has been winter's last three weeks. He's the number one quarterback and fantasy right, right? But check out this matchup. They play the lions great. They've allowed thirty four carries sixty two yards and one touchdown to quarterbacks underground this season. And you might say, well, maybe their schedule's been easy. Here's some of the quarterbacks faced Mitch Trubisky. Aaron Rodgers Cam Newton. Russell Wilson Dak Prescott and even Kirk cousins who at times can finance value, especially touch with his legs. If a lot sixty two yards and one touchdown Camden, nothing against them on the ground. I mean, there could be something there. I mean, the lions do not let lower scrambling it. Listen, the lions and the lines festively have played a lot better since they got snacks Harrison just against the run having said that the season's over for this team the whole teams broken. They're going to buffalo in December. Right. I mean, do we really think the lions are showing up in buffalo in December? I mean, I I'm sure they'll have a lot of practices outside your show up like they will show up. They will they'll they'll get credit for. Attendant? Yes. Exactly. Right. When we do roll, call the I'll tell you what right now, the Detroit Lions have had a big youth movement the last game or two where they've been sitting some of their normal veterans to be able to get some of these younger guys some reps because they know they're looking ahead to next year. So as a part of that though, we haven't like Michael saying we haven't let a lot of quarterbacks run against us. But Josh Allen is a really he's a he's a really good mobile quarterback. This is what I will say about Josh Allen the floor is incredibly low like you talk bus. We talk risk reward. Absolutely. It is there. But would it shock anyone? If Josh Allen puts up a top ten performance against the lions this week. It shouldn't should do. I think do I read it. The other way though, maybe is the floor. Feels like maybe the floor is higher. I don't know because the running line, you just you know, you risk him being shut down as a rusher. And if that happens, you're in deep trouble, you might get three fan. Anyway, the big takeaway here, and again, I don't want to I want to say this every single week for the last three, but it's week. Fifteen you're in the playoffs your property. I've been to Jackson's a very rare exception like most players are merely for those who play really deeply or someone who's in a quarterback quarterback leagues even mixing and matching and that kind of stuff just thirsty. Call throws up a stat here. Just I'm going to throw this out to yet lines allowing the fifth most yards per completion this season Alan actually ranks third in that category. Over the past three weeks. I mean, we have seen whether it's whether it's foster whether Zeh Jones we've seen some production. It's been inconsistent. I mean, literally he is complaining about fifty two percent of his passes. It is it's not going to be pretty, but I will say it is fun to watch. It's it is John down experience is worth around as absolutely fun. And I have to say that listen long way to go for buffalo. But I think if I was a bills fan I would encourage because I think he got a quarterback like I think he's unrefined. I think there's lots of work still to be done. But I also think doesn't have a lot around him. I think that's true. I think he I think I would feel optimistic if I was a bills fan. I'm excited about a lot with that team still on. The pessimistic side. And we have to see consistently throw consistency. Is there? You can't complete forty five percent of your passes over a season and have a successful football to hold on jeeter right there. My. Listen, he needs. He he needs an offensive line. He needs some pass catchers he needs consistent pass catchers. I mean, we're the hell's Robert Foster. But I mean like like it's different guys every week. I mean, like like, hey, Charles clay, take a step forward. And catch a stupid touchdown pass. I McKenzie coming on time now like anyway, there should be optimism there. That's what I'm saying..

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