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Is so much there's all a lot it's crazy to see like in a good way but also I just might preconceived notion of you as I see you on interviews and you're very over the top when you said you were so. I'm shocked because I'm like this is very over the top and I love it your energy like you can feel it right sober. You know. In their clear you know in their concise. Yeah they'd be like controlled chaos to you know that you're very chaotic energy. In a good way I consider myself to be energy. It's a lie it's a good. It's overwhelming you can come into a room and it's just like there's so much happening. I'm like looking at you now. It feels it feels fake. It feels like I'm high almost does. Yeah because this is so surreal. Because it's like okay. I know you from being like this. Big Star right and then obviously reality star and then all of a sudden now. You're like an activist who was changing laws. And like this is. It just feels different. You know if they're going to go away it's just a lie you ever very powerful energy and it's interesting to hear all of this. James who world in a positive way. No it's amazing and hopefully so with this documentary you name names do think these people are still actively doing this stuff. Absolutely the thing about. Pedophilia is it's disease so it's not something that you just do once it's something that's an addiction isn't giving unstop Harvey Weinstein and all that absolute probably well. I mean Harvey Weinstein. I mean that took a lot of years. But he's right he's going to is the one of the people that I'm naming isn't even fulltime vile like he's abused lots of people related holy and our mainstream mainstream names that people will recognize at least one of them. I so now it's gonNA open up an investigation. Basically all name these names that open up some sort of showed pray for is that other victims find the strength to come forward other victims of the same abusers because once we put the names out there all it takes as we saw with Harvey Weinstein which thank God was just arrested and put into jail yesterday. I'm hoping yeah same thing that when we say the name out loud it gives people the strength to go. Okay now. It's out there all I can do it so what I'm hoping is. There is the floodgate opened because I know there is a long list of people that have been abused by this person. So I'm really hoping they find the courage to come forward to speak their truth. And then there's an indictment created and this person goes to jail but a Muslim all of them go to jail because out of the six names were naming only one. That's dead all the rest of them are alive and thriving. I feel like I know exactly who the mainstream wasn't and we want to stay up. I just I know exactly what you're saying. This is like giving me Chelsea so many people that I like been guys girls like trans everything. So that's why I was like. Oh like when you're saying like giving me okay so that would hit me when you were saying that and I'm just like Holy Shit. I know someone who has phrase that just don't say it because it's like because we're so scared because this person so crazy and known for being so crazy. Shit. I would be scared. I'm scared for you. I'm scared like Oh my God and I don't want anything. That's what you know how you can help me to protect my family. Please encourage people to buy tickets. This is my one chance my truth dot com for ticket. March ninth. Go you can get tickets now. Is there anything in addition they can do? Let's say they miss it are they. Let's say they get twenty dollars a ticket. Can they do anything extra? Is Airplane trying to donate something? No we're not taking donations. I didn't want people to think that this is about money so I didn't want to open that can of worms but what people can do. If they really cared is you can buy friends. Tickets right. So each e-mail. He's twenty dollars each e-mail dissuade what? You've got to look at it so if you wanted to say. Get your whole family tickets just to donate to be nice. Then you can put in each of your email families email addresses pay. Us EPA twenty dollars for each one of them and we would be so grateful so interesting. Because it's a it's a film you'd find yourself so it's very common to have a go on me or something like that to to raise money when I do something every how this army of people that they've created against me that's only there to bad mouth me and make me look bad. Goes out there and every post every post that I do. They jump on my post and they go. He's such a money hungry bastard. He's only doing this to get rich. This is just another scheme. He's not even gonNA say any names. You shouldn't trust this guy. He's a guy who was prostituting women. He's a drug dealer. He's this he's that that's what they say about me. They try to destroy my name. Destroy my credibility and make me look like a joke and that's people go support rods. They don't want you to know the truth. They're lying to you to keep you from knowing the truth my truth and so it's amazing that you're getting like I said to even to say just get tickets rather than saying you donate here I wanNA vulture for it. When you sell fun something you know you always like go on me. So it's amazing that you guys are sticking to that. Which is I hope it works out for you and I hope it don't alternately hope it works out for the well we just have powerful prayers are and I feel like people. Yes Oh my gosh this is this is like I'm nervous. I'm excited. I'm scared but I know you'll be fine. You'll always be fine because aside from your acting. I mean as a movie that would be huge beauty. Pick that up. Why faith I have great faith? Faith is as yet and for the greater good and you know what if I'm having to sacrifice myself if change comes from it then that's okay too high risk high reward so I feel like this is gonna be really good. I think it's going to be is seen on all this stuff and you've been on all these shows Dr all all these things talking about it. It's GonNa be a failure and they're all going to talk about that. You Know March tenth. That's just going to be everywhere and that's going to be a little bit of Shit storm but you've handled that before and I feel you won't be surprised if we wake up to the pressing outside my house leader. Extra security. Well you got the security lock and cut like with the boredom. Alma feels only four thousand tickets. That's really sad. Do you know how many people pushed me to do this? How many people were like you have to do this. Name NAMES NAME NAMES. Tens and tens of thousands right all over the world and then when you finally do it. People are like yeah. Whatever that's how it is. I make it a bunch of violence tickets for this. This is everything truth. Doc DOT COM. Get tickets might truth comes out march ninth eight. Pm Pacific Standard Time Corey Feldman Corey Feldman. This has been amazing. How serious you guys have been amazing piece support them? Like I had like my thoughts before you came here and after sitting here with you guys. It's very genuine very real and I will pray and we will put that out there and we'll get all the tickets and check it out and you guys thank you for supporting the podcast peas rate and leave a comment below definitely. Check them out. You guys are on Instagram and Youtube. So she dogs gene. You use our town. Eighty nine love. Love that all right. Thank you so much for copying and hopefully we'll have you guys back into the pockets of your house. March ten people talk about the aftermath. Here it here in the next one thank you bye..

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