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You're doing the players. He's the guy putting all this together as made so many bad financial decisions. You seem front of you yell sell the team as long as that guy. I didn't leave his area or break the rules of the security. He's going to get booted out of that building. And he said you might not be able to come back. I don't know. That's that seems extreme. Well, I that people in the building I'm wondering where they have great fan base still why with a bad product, well because they loved bass grade, and they care and because he wants to yell out sell the team. I mean, there's that really heckling. A little bit. Let me but sell the team over the top. Now. I mean, there are other things to say like you could get really personal with somebody. Then I understand where that might be crossing law. But with the NBA has a release you here because they can't the Knicks can't with when it comes up to this lottery or getting a free agent or too because they got rid of porzingas. They got one guy who can play. They what's his name Mitchell Robinsons Robinson's. He's a good player. But you know, it's sad is my existence is, you know, I watch anything. But that one's it's tough to watch the Knicks. And I thought that they were onto something earlier in the season where you get these younger players porzingas coming back. And then maybe you do get a free agent or two. But if I'm let's say, you're an NBA player, your Kyrie and Kevin Durant. Do you wanna play for James Dolan? And I know you don't play for the owner per se, and he doesn't I don't know how involved he is other than he sits there and that product is his and how you cannot be disappointed angry embarrassed with that product out there. That's what surprising you bring in. Isaiah you keep bringing in is Ahah Thomas, you know, coaches it's a carousel there. You know, who's running the team? And that's part of the issue like who is running that team. And are you confident in that team? Now, I did go out and get Phil Jackson and everybody thought. Well, you got Phil Jackson now fill whiffed on Steve Kerr because curb goes, and I can do the Knicks or Golden State. I'm going to Golden State instead of reviving the Knicks and coaching under Phil. And he's like, I don't want that. So they at least tried. I mean, they they went all in on. Phil jackson. Phil wasn't all in on the Knicks because he still wanted to be with the Lakers, but it's a mess because Philadelphia's back, you know, Boston's there the Lakers maybe coming back like you wanna have the Knicks being relevant instead of being an embarrassment and James Dolan's, the worst.

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