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Photograph, it is dark and really cold in March of the country. But this is one of the tough go shopping WSB TV reporter, Brooke oh, Daniel checked out. A big target store in south bend, Indiana. The lines outside the Michelle Walker target kept growing as the five PM opening time closer, some people waiting for hours Justice snag the best deals even though its cold. And I don't like cold we just enjoy it. And we're doing it as a family a family tradition. The Allen family eats thanksgiving dinner, and then heads to the store, but the shopping doesn't stop after just one store after this. We're heading to probably WalMart and Kohl's. It's two days worth of sales shoppers. And for some quality family time Andres of billions of dollars are expected to be spent this shopping season, maybe a trillion. There was a shooting at one wall Thursday night and Hoover. Alabama near Birmingham. The alert shooter is dead. There were a couple of injuries in northern California. Eighty four people now confirmed fatal victims of that state's deadliest wildfire. It is not fully out yet. What rain is helping get it. Under control thousands are homeless town just about totally gone to the south near LA major wildfires now out with rain there to a risk of mudslides sandbagging up and down these Bern areas. Trying to do their best to divert the water in the mud flow. That will come trying to keep it away from their homes that are still standing Bs TV reporter joy Benedict. President Trump talked about the Mexican border Thanksgiving Day about possibly closing it all of it. Well, delivering a thanksgiving message to troops by phone. The president's had those serving on the border with Mexico will use lethal force if they have to I don't have to even ask you. I know what you wanna do. You wanna make sure that you know, who we're letting in. We're not letting anybody Mr. Trump vowed to close the entire border if need be and he again blasted a California based appeals. Court, but you get a lot of bad court decisions from the ninth circuit, which has become a big thorn in our side. The president's remarks this week about an Obama appointed district court judge prompted a rare rebuke from chief Justice John Roberts. Steven Portnoy, CBS news, Washington agree court has convicted and sentenced six of nine suspects in the fatal shooting of an American tourist but guilty of reduced charges being lost their son today. Bukhari Henderson's parents lost their fight for Justice..

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