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An email back they roll. I wanna say april the twenty fifth. You can check them out. Emails also got their prestige championship. Not sure who that champion is. Was billy brash. At one point. I can't remember if he's also titled or not. There's been a pain damage. People the gymnastics boys worth tag team. Champions gymnast boys no longer together so those tiles been held up and they're gonna now how they're going to crown new champions speak in a crown a new champion talk about our pro wrestling. They are one of the show's happening on a the seventeenth there at a new place Down in the thomson georgia augusta area at sunset auction house and they got him exciting night plan so who are the chambers of our pro wrestling. Nobody all those tunnels were held up. If you don't follow our pro wrestling own facebook you can follow their video series. That will tell you the story of how and why all those championships were held up and Where some of those physical championships are at this time. so pretty exciting stuff. Here's what that guy lined up. They do have all sorts of special versus the ugly ducklings. Now if you follow georgia wrestling You know it appears that. Hold onto your handsome one. Half of all stars. We got cut off there so bear. Hanson was injured recently. So that honor. I don't know his status. There has not been announced if he's going to be able to compete against the show. We already know lynch lou. Half of the ugly ducklings not going to be wrestles he recovers from cancer surgery Obviously our thoughts prayers. Well wishes all of that. Go out to lance lou during this time But the big story at viral on april seventeenth is the heavyweight title picture which is going to be settled. Four singles matches the winners of those four singles. Matches will go on to face dairy slot car in a fatal five-way. Let's look at these singles matches. You've got matt sales versus owen night. Matt sales is also announced. He is injured his out. No replacement yet has been named for his match with overnight. Speaking of which i mentioned betting on drew adler or invest injury adler owen night. Another guy. I would invest in as well You've got Joshua cut shaw timmy. Lou retton in one of those singles matches you've got John davis and montana black. That should be a hard hitting affair and yet daring driver. There's name that keeps popping up taken on shown legacy so some new faces Making an appearance there. Enviro pro wrestling Some people you've seen in viral in tag team action now moving over to the singles ranks again. The winners of those four singles matches will go on to face darius lockhart. Now if you're interested in what i think about this show and my picks this showed. How would book it. I did a special edition of taking the pencil for our patrons patriot. Dot com slash. Double dropkick you. Get that taking the pencil where i look at a local independent promotion and talk about how i would look at how i would lay it out and did that for viral and that was a very fun exercise and i'm excited to see how much i got right Again the the object taking the pencils not to predict what they're going to do. The object is to die to talk about what i would do if i were the booker. If i were the promoter so again our pro first show back Tickets limited to two hundred. So you better get yours very fast again I've seen pictures of this. Venue looks like a pretty cool venue. But they're hoping to get back in the sweet water. Jim asap. And so hopefully that will happen. Let's talk about Southern honor i know there are other people who talk about southern honor. It's just one of the promotions that that i follow again. There are so many promotions. it's hard to follow. All of them just remembered woman that i forgot from. There's no cure allies of. I wanna talk before we finish this out Southern honor right now heavyweight champion. David ali tag team champions lethal poison. Coy and michael judas. i talked about. Is it time for southern honor to add a mid card title We're in southern. Honor anther in a weird place. There tenants has been a little down. They had a lot going on at their last. Show some people light that some people didn't like it again. That's not talking about this week on behind the scenes but southern honor to term backed bag promotion the year. Two time back to back promoted the year aerial. I am David ali if i'm not mistaken was the runner up for wrestler of the year last year. He's got to be. He's gotta be the front runner because not only is he. Headlining southern honor. He has also become the focal point of either me. They're back may twenty second. I went to their show in january. David ali in january one the new age title and in march The heavyweight champion Billy brash was knocked there so the new age title took Took center stage there again. David ali champion at two of the major promotions in in georgia and also in wrestles in other places. Well i to me there heavyweight champion. Is billy brash. Their new age champion is david ali. Savannah evans is a double titleholder. There as she holds the mayhem championship and the women's championship. Although danny jordan has come out and challenged her for that women's championship all may the twenty second there at the american legion in augusta I w put some great shows they again. They bring in talent there. La- that nobody else is bringing into this region. You had oshii edwards and easy three face off at their last show shields free on me. Facebook page so So far matches announced for may twenty. Second shaw legacy and josh magnum versus the metro. Brothers Big fan of the metro. Brothers you saw them for the first time back in january their unique team. I would love to see them. Come to the carolinas Also went also. Can't wait to see what's next in this feud between Sean legacy josh magnum is now. They're being forced to tag team with each other. Also announced former new age champion hundred young taken on night again and i. It's a name you're hearing as a person you're seeing And that's going to It'd be a good match up. I'm sure these guys Crossed paths before somewhere in georgia again as may twenty second. Check him out on facebook instagram. All good steph. That's go back. Let me close out this episode with some north carolina talk. Let's talk about x. W w extreme world wrestling dot com tree world wrestling. I they have a streaming network which. I am a subscriber of extreme. Tv online dot com They've not run.

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