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So they give you the quality of salon color, and the convenience and affordability of at home hair-color with Madison Reed, you'll look like you just came from a salon, and you'll have more meantime to do what you love. So if you want beautiful multidimensional hair-color maiden Italy delivered to your door on your schedule for under twenty five dollars. Then it's time to join the hundreds of thousands of women who have tried and loved Madison Reed. Find your perfect shade at Madison dash Reed dot com. Listeners of the city get ten. Sent off plus free shipping on their first color kit with promo code the city. That's Madison dash Reed dot com. Promo code the city. If you've been thinking about getting a simply safe home security system, but you've been waiting for the holidays when all the tech deals come out. You've made a smart move because right now as a listener of the city, you can get a great deal on SimpliSafe order today, and you can get twenty five percent off any new SimpliSafe system. Simplisafe is incredible protection for your home and family. They never make you sign a contract. There are no hidden fees. And with SimpliSafe around the clock professional monitoring is just fourteen ninety nine a month seen it PC MAG and wire cutter all say simply safe is the best security system there is as a SimpliSafe customer. I couldn't agree more. I have slept much easier since getting mindset up, and as a bonus the system isn't an eyesore it's actually beautifully designed protect your home today and get a great deal on home security. Go to SimpliSafe dot com slash the city and save twenty five percent off your SimpliSafe system. Make sure to use that euro. So they know we sent you and hurry this deal ends November twenty sixth. You don't wanna miss it? That's SimpliSafe dot com slash the city. One more time. Simplisafe dot com slash the city. I've spent some time lately beginning to search for candidates to fill a position at my company. And boy is at overwhelming the right hire can have a huge impact on your business. That's why it's so important to find the right person. Don't leave finding someone great to chance when you can post your job to a place where people go every day to make connections grow in their career. And discover job opportunities linked in with seventy percent of the US workforce on.

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