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An- An I was thinking colonial. I really was thinking gasset jets and and cobblestone streets center insurance people turning take that sounds fantastic and then I got my brother Neil to drive me and we showed up in early February of eighty eight pitch black freezing and we get off the Williamsburg Bridge and start heading south. And then we get off. And it's just looked like a like one of those post-apocalyptic take movies of burned out cars. And all the streetlights were were dark and someone said later on they told me the the crack dealers. Shootout streetlights lights. Oh so everything was dark smart and I kept thinking what is this. Got Off on the wrong thing and my brother Neal is saying no no no this is this is Berry street this is and and then finally the car starts to slow down and he goes gets to forty two to four. No no no no no no no no no. This can't be any comes to stop. And it was a scary scary place to live and I remembered coming to work one day and used to take Ayla to walk eight blocks north to get to the end the L.. I went and got frye boots with giant heels and I would wear a trenchcoat wrote because I thought that it would make me look tougher and I would have a cigarette coming into my math because they thought this would make me look tough but I just I looked. I looked like a tough law. I'm not a tough looking guy to kids in exactly. Yeah Look Nineteen Thirties. Movie were three kids. Try and get into a movie as an adult. You're on my shoulder to see the movie. It was terrifying and then I came to work and I remember listening to chatter US chattering. And you're doing something and then you just heard me say you know I just came in from Williamsburg why Williamsburg. He was burgundy wine. Yeah and he said you gotta get out of their fucking dot long long right after after. You told me that I got out and I moved to Eighteenth Street. Yeah Yeah so thank you. You saved my life. Okay well there you have it yet. Yeah you know what this is. It's been a joy very nice having you here in laughing our asses off. And let's do this again. This is really fun. Yeah we mean what was that. It wasn't I'm trying to know I was going like I'm wondering when we do. And how do you do that. Do you do that. You will see you had Dana. Yeah I know a couple of again you know you never know okay okay good. What a terrible blending awful to interview just to sort of? I think it's like a little wind. It's a wind down to be continued. Yeah one yeah yeah voices giving really. Oh Aw Al Franken thank you. Yeah well I hope you enjoyed Listening that beautiful music is by Leo. Cocky the Great Leo Cocky. I WanNa thank Peter Osburn. UGH Burn for producing. We'll talk again next week..

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