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Respect the Nuggets is actually the worst thing for the Nuggets. We talked about this a little bit yesterday when we're previewing Game seven. Michael Malone and the bad news bears. Metaphor. And how the nuggets seem especially Michael Malone. Try so hard and goes out of his way. To characterize the Nuggets as this huge underdog. That nobody thinks We will win and For the most part, it wasn't that hard to dio. There were more people warming up to the Nuggets. Once they forced a game seven. I think there are a fair amount of people that did think the Nuggets would win last night. But now that they've done it And if people are going to listen to Jamal Murray, that's like, Don't the Nuggets, then lose? That edge that they have. If all the sun expectations starts to creep back in in some P prominent people in the media are saying, no, I think the Nuggets beat the Lakers Richard Jefferson today. On, Twitter said. I'm going to be the first national media member. I'm picking the Nuggets to win this Siri's, if more people follow suit. You the Nuggets lose. What makes them special and white motivates them. And I say all that and I worry about all that, and then I realized wait a minute. They're going up against LeBron and Anthony Davis. Most people are going to pick against them again. Jamal Murray can yell. And all he wants, and he could call for it in every press conference he does between now and Friday. And say We deserve to be respected. We deserve to be believed in They're going to be plenty of people. That still won't do it..

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