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That that is that is our point if if the nba the nba doesn't address the one in done rule on their end then she's doing what she can by using the academic eligibility as a crowbar on her now i don't think i'm gonna get to that point i think the nba will address but i'm actually i don't i'm not opposed to not having them play as long as they can practice what we to be around the team we can revisit this at seven forty five because we have dylan hernandez coming up next dylan will give us his thoughts on the dodgers and kind of how they're coming out of this funk a little bit on and he got a he got he won he got a opportunity to sco see otani and kind of get a feel for tiny so we'll talk to him about the dodgers in just a moment so the dodgers fall yesterday to the marlins tani yesterday and as of the la times countless joins us here on keyshawn george and l z i know you were watching otani yesterday but my guess is you know what happened at the dodgers game and dave roberts basically raised his hand says he made a mistake going pedro buys when the meat of the lineup was coming up for the marlins instead of going to kenley buys has been kind of the bane of their existence like what did you make of the move.

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