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Thomas lafley who says easy? It's to be rope. Marshals nine Daniel day Lewis, Marion Cotillard Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Sophy Laurent, GD, Dench a. Yeah. I remember seeing that came off the back of Donatello is winning and all SCA, which doesn't narrow it down. Actually, does it. Because when every brings might only wins an Oscar, I think it was after Lincoln. It was a really remember really the time Daniel day Lewis is agreed to be in a rob Marshall musical this is left field. And it did not to him. We got another another one for the council Victorian. A mover said such a pity if he take scene by scene. It's good. But as a whole new fee, it just doesn't make sense. So confusing and over the top at another one with Michael bender will Lord did we didn't think of this earlier premier Theus? But how's it gonna amazing suppose so fast bend, Shirley, thrown guy? Pearce it yourselves, Sean, how still couldn't save it didn't mind premisses time until the last alien came out. And I hate that so much actually. Spoilt for me for me. Got others on the list missed out his a good one from Sinead O V. I don't know if it's the west ever or anything, but I feel like a low her definitely does. That movie combine the considerable talents and Chom of Emma stone. Rachel mcadams. Bradley caper Joan because it's gonna ended up being the end product did is baffling and let us not forget that ever stone played anchorman. She's since come out and apologize quite. He's. This is a decision that was made several people. Yeah. Okay. I also just want to briefly to psychosis. Think this is another one for potential shelter is all the king's men or collateral says Alexander, unfortunately for her Kate winslet's in both. Here's another interesting one. I'm not saying whether Kate Winslet is or isn't the best actress in the world, you know, sometimes she can be amazing. But anyone who's anyone who say one Oscars and then Don really appalling films trend, isn't it? One of my absolute favorites is Eddie red main with deep patera sending off to bed quasi. We everyday not though. He's absolutely nuts. -solutely acts the monk is out of that. He sat Sammy me. is save lying. Levels. Really knock any film that has Channing Tatum wearing eyeliner either. Can you really? Just before we move onto this week's. Also, just briefly readouts letter. I'm sure we got this through the post from close Mun from Lewis island. It may be an Email in reference to behavior actually 'cause we talked about behaving around. She last week. I think I may be in the minority when it comes to human wraps it because I really enjoyed it. No show. You will be because you know, it's doing all the boats off his people are enjoying it. A now it has its flaws skipping over the other members of Queen is flu and it hints. What Freddie's thought Hebron may say? Roger Taylor story. The other one and it hints at what Freddie's lifestyle is like without ever going to full detail. I accept do agree with those criticisms by enjoyed the film the songs and Rami Malek's performance on a separate. Could I ask you do have a separate the art from the artist when watching a movie? What is what this means by that? I guess ignoring the context of what the office has been up to. I don't think that's something. I have ever really prescribed to because I think it's almost impossible to separate the two. I don't personally. But if you believe in something like onto theory, if you believe in something like that. And that influences like kind of what dictates how a movie is. You can't also just be like butts. They may have done some bad stuff..

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