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Years later. They switched it. So you could do freedom pro. That's right. That's right. And eople really was focusing on a few core things like like music, movies magazine subscriptions, because the margins are just so thin there. They can't spare the thirty percent. So apple made a special allowance for that. But they're now in a position of of dominance again. Right. We have the apple music, but apple music doesn't have to carve out thirty percent and pay that to some other entity. But Spotify has to I mean this is where you can absolutely annihilate the competition. But so what do you think's going to happen? What do you think the outcome is going to be think apple will lower the split the commission split? What's the solution? There is, is a tough one, because I, I don't know what the. The right answer is here to an end. I think it's gonna be status quo. Business leaders are increasingly demanding the outcomes. They want when they want them and paying only for what they use at Hewlett Packard enterprise. We're bringing that flexibility and control to IT with the introduction of HP green lake pay per use outcomes on your terms, come to HP green lake and see the future of IT get there at HP dot com slash green lake. So speaking of developers, we are sitting here, just two weeks ahead of the annual developers conference and given your background and your knowledge of the absent developers. I thought it'd be great to talk about this upcoming WW DC with you in. We've reported a lot about what's to be expected. But I'm mostly curious from you. What was apper us involvement or your involvement specifically in your more senior role on WW DC this big conference for thousands of developers? What were rehearsals? Life was atmosphere for the company leading up to this big June launch every year. It's it's chaos there right now..

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